10 PPC Trends to Watch Out for in 2021


In an increasingly competitive world, getting your PPC campaigns right can help you save on your ad budget and boost your visibility. This requires you to keep a watchful eye on the latest PPC trends and know the latest technology tools and techniques. Furthermore, it is also wise to know the common PPC platforms for businesses and how they can benefit your business. If you are curious about how PPC advertising works and the top trends in 2021, here is a guide to help you make compelling PPC campaigns.  

PPC Advertising: How It Works?

Pay-per-click advertising is a form of digital marketing channel where advertisers have to accrue costs whenever a customer clicks on the company’s ad. For instance, when someone types a keyword or phrase on a search engine, your ad may appear on the SERP results. However, you have to pay a cost whenever a visitor clicks on your ad. 

PPC campaigns are ideal for your business if you want to: 

  • Increase the online visibility of your product or service
  • Generate leads
  • Create brand awareness

While most businesses think that PPC is only about creating a compelling ad copy, it moves beyond that. PPC campaigns are also about analytics, campaign management, experimentation, and user intent. In addition to these things, you also have to track various search engine algorithm changes. Working with a professional PPC management company in Toronto, you can run successful campaigns that rank high on relevance and eliminate wasteful ad spending. 

PPC VS SEO: Which One Should You Pick?

Most businesses struggle with choosing the right advertising strategy for their business. This includes opting between SEO or PPC. While search engine optimization is about improving your ranking organically, paid search campaigns allow you to leverage the search engine with paid ads. In reality, both methods are effective in building your brand presence and driving visitors to your website. But the truth is that it depends on what goals you want to achieve with your strategy. 

When Is It Best To Opt For SEO?

Most PPC agency in Toronto agree that SEO plays a vital part in building your long-term brand reputation. It is best to opt for SEO when you want your website to rank high on SERP and deliver a better user experience through your website.

When Is It Best To Opt For PPC?

Whether you are an entrepreneur or an established business, PPC is an advertising strategy that will help you reach a highly targeted audience and provide immediate results. 

A Mix of Both Is Crucial

Successful online businesses are those who learn to capitalize on both the opportunity. It is ideal to follow an integrated approach. Depending on your business needs, you can work with a reputable agency and draft a customized plan to ensure the best results. 

Top PPC Trends You Should Know to Craft Compelling Campaigns!

Video Marketing is Now And Not the Future

Video advertising is one of the most powerful advertising mediums to help you reach your audience and connect with them. According to a recent survey, 78% of businesses got more website traffic using video advertisements. This indicates that there is demand for paid video advertisements. Furthermore, video ads perform fairly well for audiences using mobile devices. From Youtube to Instagram, video marketing is one of the most successful PPC strategies for businesses. 

Remarketing Ads Will Continue to Dominate in the Future

While attracting new customers to your business is crucial, retaining the existing ones is equally necessary. Studies that using the correct targeting methods can boost your conversions by 300%. Remarketing is an ad type that targets users who have left your website. As the visitor keeps surfing the internet, the partner sites will show them your ads to keep your brand on the top of their mind. Research has shown that remarketing has a higher click-through rate. Hence, it is crucial to include remarketing ads in your PPC strategy. 

Maintaining a Good Quality Score is Crucial

Mastering the PPC game requires maintaining a good quality score. Having a good quality score helps you to cut down costs and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

With thousands of advertisers vying for exposure on the Google platform, having a positive quality score can help you gain a competitive advantage. Quality score is Google’s way of measuring how relevant your keywords are and how well your ads are performing. A reputable PPC agency in Toronto can help you search for relevant keywords and ensure that you use the correct bidding strategies for the best quality score.  

Google is Not the Only PPC Advertising Platform

Most business owners make the mistake of putting their eggs in one basket. They assume that Google is the only popular PPC advertising platform. However, many other popular platforms offer small businesses the opportunity to enhance their brand reach. The best plan of action here is to keep experimenting with different ad formats and platforms to figure out which one works best for your business. PPC management services in Toronto can introduce you to diverse social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more, to help you reach your target audience. 

Storytelling Remains the Best Tool With Your Audience

The digital landscape is crawling with micro and small businesses every day. Having something that differentiates you from others is critical for the success of your business. That differentiating factor can be storytelling.  

Online advertising offers you platforms, such as search and display advertising, that help you convey your message through creative and innovative ways. Combining creative content with aesthetic visuals increases engagement and delivers essential information to your target audience. Using the expertise of the PPC agency in Toronto, you can create campaigns that boost your brand awareness. 

Mobile Compatible Ads Are Important

Recent stats suggest that 69% of customers spend their digital time on mobile and other compatible devices. Hence, businesses must make sure that their ads are compatible across all devices. Working with a PPC agency in Toronto, you can create PPC and SEO strategies optimized for mobile and other devices.  Furthermore, you can deep-dive into customer touchpoints and understand how customers interact with various offers and content campaigns.  

Automation Tools And Techniques Are Gaining Traction

The field of pay-per-click advertising is constantly evolving.  The evolution of automation and technology can help you take the guesswork out of your campaigns and ensure better reach. 

PPC automation tools and techniques allow marketers to control their Google campaigns and ensure better bidding strategies. With smart bidding and other machine learning algorithms, you can focus more on conversion tactics and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Furthermore, you can use features such as advanced targeting and use Google trends to ensure that your ads are shown to the right audience with the correct keywords.

Introduction of Ads Data Hub

With user privacy becoming a priority in the business world, Google has announced the launch of the ads data hub. The ads data hub is a cloud-based solution that helps you analyze your Google ad campaigns while maintaining and protecting user privacy. PPC management services in Toronto can help you gather insights from ads data hub, campaign manager, Google ads, and other tools, to work towards optimizing your campaigns to acquire users and boost sales. 

Local PPC Ads Are Effective For Small Businesses

Unlike tech giants that have millions to spend on their ad campaigns, small businesses have limited resources to make the most of their campaigns. Although targeting a large user base may seem tempting, you must be wise and explore your options before bidding. A well-thought-out local PPC campaign can help you save on your budget and ensure that your message gets delivered to prospective customers. You can use location-based keywords and fine-tune your ad campaign settings to get your ad in front of the targeted audience. 

Many Businesses Are Exploring Responsive Search Ads

Unlike traditional search ads, responsive search ads are more flexible and enable advertisers to test and experiment with headlines and descriptions. The best thing is that they also adjust and fit different screens. Furthermore, you can combine visual and textual elements. If your goal is to have more click-through rates and a lower cost-per-click rate, PPC management in Toronto will revolutionize your responsive search ads campaigns to help you meet your goals. 

Key Takeaway

Redefining your pay-per-click marketing strategy is crucial for outsmarting your competition. PPC is a multi-step process that requires you to pay attention to details and ensure you have adequate knowledge about the different advertising platforms. Studying trends, analytics, and algorithms can help you get there. However, drafting high-converting PPC ads can still seem stressful and requires many trials and errors. If you are getting started with PPC and SEO strategies, working with professionals will provide you with the needed exposure. 

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