It is a small world. Not to forget how crowded, hot and contentious it is. There is no doubt that climate change coupled with the impact of society on earth is intensifying struggles over natural resources. This is posing a threat to not only food systems but also the quality of life. It is vividly clear that the environmental condition today is not really sustainable. Though, it is true that people around the globe have worked together to resolve problems like illiteracy, and poverty. Similarly, they would have to join hands again to get rid of global warming. Confronting these challenges needs political will. It will also require entrepreneurs to refine their approach of conducting business.

To bring about a positive change in the world, one needs to make use of innovative technologies. This is where the Internet of Things or IoT enters! It is already transforming lives for the better. How? Well, let’s find out!

#1. Smarter Cities

More people now prefer to live in big cities. Hence, there is no wonder that cities are responsible the most for climate change. However, you may not know but they are also one of the great incubators of IoT-based systems. This makes urban life much more appealing, and fast. It facilitates in making transportation systems more convenient. At the same time, it makes street lighting much safer.

In Barcelona, the city officials have made use of IoT to provide its residents with smart water technology, remote-controlled irrigation for parks, automated street lighting, and smart parking meters. This has greatly reduced both pollution and traffic jams. Just like Barcelona, other cities like Chicago and Las Vegas have also used the Internet of Things to facilitate the locals.

#2. Cutting Food Wastes

As per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, one-third of the food produced for human consumption is either wasted or lost somewhere along the supply chain. Luckily, one can now use IoT to reduce crop losses and boost productivity. For instance, Prospera has combined sensors, cameras, artificial intelligence, and weather stations to assist farmers respond to different issues quickly while increasing their productivity.

Also, there are companies like ArgoCenta and Farmerline that are using various Big Data platforms along with mobile technology to provide farmers with market data. This could help improve operations and cut waste.

#3. Smarter Agriculture

It is because of the Internet of Things that everyone from big companies to small farmers across the world is able to make efforts in reducing water consumption and improving the quality of the crops. They can now track microclimates and monitor humidity levels along with temperature changes to make sure that the yield is produced to perfection.

To facilitate the farmers in taking care of crops, many tech experts have given them a variety of tools such as soil sensors and drone imagery. This can help them know about the real-time conditions. It can also let the farmers know how they can minimize the use of water and fertilizers and that too without affecting the growth or the quality of the yields.

#4. Clean Water & Air

The IoT can be used to improve the public health of cities. You would be surprised just how many people perish around the world because of dirty water and air. Thankfully, cities that suffer from chronic pollution have now deployed sensors that are designed to let the people know whenever the levels are high.

In Oakland, Aclima has joined forces with EDF, Google, and different researchers from the University of Texas to work on a detailed map of air pollution. If they expand this project then it would let the officials know which area has the highest level of pollution. They can then take appropriate action in reducing it.

#5. Connecting Patients

The Healthcare industry has been benefited a lot from the introduction of IoT. It can allow doctors to obtain a patient’s data much faster. Moreover, they can easily monitor the well-being of their patients with the help of various devices. There are also robotic assistants and sensors that could alert a medical professional if a patient forgets to take their medicine on time. In addition, there are a number of internet-enabled devices available in the market that can monitor a patient’s blood pressure, pulse, and heart rate.


Considering the points above, it is safe to say that the Internet of Things has definitely impacted human lives in a positive way. There are many more benefits other than those discussed above such as it can aid in fighting breast cancer. However, if you ever decide to make use of IoT for making a smart home or for automating your business operations, make sure you have access to a strong internet connection in the first place. I personally after checking different Spectrum offers opted for their internet service to install smart devices in my home. You should do the same if you want to enjoy the perks of IoT!


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