6 colors that you need in your wardrobe

Some women are trying to build a capsule wardrobe, others want to add some color variety to their existing outfits. Whatever the case, there are six colors that could make a difference and all women need in their wardrobes. From basics to pop-ups, this style guide by D2Line will change the way you make style choices. 

Ready to learn more about these colors? Keep on reading. 

The art of combining clothes, patterns and colors

A great outfit is a combination of different clothes types and styles, patterns, materials, and colors. In the fashion field, knowing how to mix them up without looking boring or tacky is power. It is art. 

Black, white and beige are base colors that are easy to combine with almost any other shade and type of clothing. This unlocks endless possible style combinations and makes women more flexible when choosing what to wear. Therefore, it is important to have a few basics and classic pieces in these neutral and timeless colors in your wardrobe.

While the base colors are great and make selecting clothing combinations a breeze, your outfits might start to feel a bit boring after a while. A touch of pop-up color can fix that! But not just any bold or bright color you can think about. The colors that are a must-have in every capsule wardrobe can also make a great addition to your business, elegant and toned-down clothing collections.

Base Colors


No color is more timeless than black. Black is the epitome of elegance and style. Not only it is considered one of the most alluring, slimming, and attractive colors, but it is also very versatile. That dark temping color goes with everything. It is also quite adaptable to different social settings – casual, business, formal, semi-formal, athletic, and so on. 

The clothes you need to have in black include a leather jacket, coat or winter jacket, blazers, suits and business attire, mini dress, cocktail dress, tees and blouses, skirts, pants, and jeans. Let’s not forget black shoes on heels, boots, and flats. As for accessories, it is good to have every type of accessory in black, because that would make any look super easy to pull off. 


White is also a very powerful color that can be combined with anything. Its vibe is much more subtle than black, but it still radiates elegance in a pure and put-together way. That is why the best way to incorporate whites into your wardrobe is to choose clothes that will both complement and tone down your colorful garments.

Mix the whites with black, vibrant colors, denim, leather, or interesting patterns. The closet essentials and dress-up basics in white are shirts, tees, dresses, suits, and pants.


The third base color every woman needs is beige. Unlike black and white, beige does look undeniably exquisite in every fashion style, setting, or outfit combination. However, thanks to its simplicity and neutral nature, it works wonders for casual and work-appropriate apparel. Beige is a calm and soothing color that will make you look elegant, and present you in a more sincere, honest, and toned-down light. 

Beige is a prominent color for business-casual attire, so make sure you have a beige coat, suit, blazer, blouse, shirt, midi or maxi skirt, and pants. Enjoy the pretty shades and tints of beige in the form of high heels, loafers, wedges, and boots you can add to the work outfit. Bags, belts, and neck scarves in beige are also quite popular choices.

Pop-up Colors


This subtle and seductive shade of dark red-purplish is one of the best colors to have in your wardrobe. Burgundy is not too bold and not too flashy. So you can wear it anytime, without wondering if your color choice was appropriate. This pretty royal color is great for any type of occasion and social event. 

The basic clothes you need in burgundy include a jacket, cocktail dress, fitted top, blouse or pullover, shirt, and pants. Burgundy is also a very chic color for everyday bags, business attire, and formal types of shoes.

Sage Green

Sage green is a very sophisticated and tone-down color. With a natural and earthy vibe, this color adds a gentle tint of individuality to your personal style. This timeless green hue is very popular for athletic wear and all sorts of everyday outfits. Feel free to combine your sage-colored clothes with black or white business garments like blazers and trousers to transform your casual style into a work-friendly fit.

Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow is also one of the best colors to style. It is vibrant enough to make any outfit look interesting and subtle enough to make you look stylish and put together. This shade is very casual and business-friendly. Even people who genuinely dislike the classic yellow color have some affinity for the mustard tint. 

Pullovers, tops, skirts, and pants all look great in mustard yellow. This color is very appropriate for autumn and winter outfits and could be combined with base-color accessories and stylish neutral-color garments.