A logo redesign in 2022: is it time for?

A good logo can have a significant positive effect on your business. So, sometimes a logo has to be tweaked to keep up with current trends, especially true for companies with longevity (if your logo was designed 30 years ago is probably not going to fit by 2022). However, there are companies that were able to get it right the first time (Nike, Playboy, Chupa-Chups and over).

At first glance, a logo redesign may seem complicated and daunting, but if you are able to make the commitment to breathe new life into the old thing, it can pay off significantly down the road. Before redesigning your existing logo, take some time to think things over to make sure you really need a redesign. 

Ask yourself 5 key questions for being sure of your decision: 

  1. Have you expanded your headquarters or added an entire line of new products?;
  2. Have you got some serious competition?;
  3. Have you spoken to your audience? Is there any feedback?;
  4. What are the company’s values or mission? Have they changed?;
  5. Is your logo dated? Maybe the design is not compatible with new technological devices?

These are simple and obvious questions, but they will help you make the right decision. It is important because a logo design is a rather deep approach compared to a logo update. The latter means a slight modification, a different font or just changing a few things. The former means completely redesigning your logo like plastic surgery: a new color scheme or a new company name and so on. A logo redesign is going to be a new logo that is completely different from the previous one.

Why do you need a logo redesign: a few key reasons

Every business owner knows that a logo is a crucial part of their brand identity. It is quite difficult to make a decision about its redesign due to many factors. However, there comes a time when your logo needs to be changed. Here a few key reasons to consider giving your company logo a new life:

Your brand name was changed

You may need to update your logo if your brand name has recently changed. For example, text-based logos have become irrelevant because of company rebrands. For this reason, you need to design a new logo or tweak the current one to match your new business name. If you have no idea where to start choosing a new design, you can look at various logos by the industry;

Your logo is dated

You should ensure your logo is adapting to current trends. Logo updating shows that you are trying to keep up with the modern world. For example, you need to create simplified variations of your logo for social media avatars;

Complex logo

Having a lot of information in a limited space of your logo is not always a good idea. Just look at some popular logos: Nike, MasterCard, Apple and over, what do you see? – simple and straightforward to remember. There are companies with a complex logo: Starbucks, Heineken Beers, etc., but they have long established themselves in the market. For a business that’s starting its evolution, a simpler design would be the best decision;

Business acquisition/merger

The new merged company may now offer other products, facilities or services. It means your company will deal with an entirely new set of consumers, investors or vendors. Having a larger product portfolio, a wider target group, it would be a good decision to redesign your logo to represent the new market realities of your business;

New competitor on the horizon

A logo redesign will be the right decision if you are facing new competition from businesses that you feel pose a potential threat. This step will help you rekindle customer interest and attract a new audience;

Change in company values and focus

At first, a company usually provides certain products and services to a specific target group in mind. But when the company starts gaining momentum, its priorities may change. For example, it wants to focus on a bigger market where there’s a completely different target group. Having a new or refreshed logo lets you effectively communicate the new ideas and values of the company;

Logo fonts are obsolete

There is a high chance the initial logo design looks outdated if your company has been in the game for a long time. What looked trendy and classy 10 years ago may no longer be so sleek anymore. Thus, a logo redesign is the best way to capture prospects’ attention;

Your logo is not scalable

Company logos today are used on multiple platforms or marketing materials. Check your current logo – if it is not created with scalability in mind, probably it’s high time to change it.

Changing a logo is not an easy decision. However, when it no longer works, you should redesign it. Then see your logo unleash its potential and make your business more profitable!

Some tips for logo redesigning in 2022

In out time, everything is moving forward and changing at an incredible speed. To be on trend, you should take care of some things to keep your company growing despite fierce market competition. One of them is your logo, which must meet all the requirements of 2022. 

Before starting, it is necessary to indicate that logos of 2022 combine new and old trends: white fonts, ink-black with bright neon pictures, 3D gradients and complex animations are still relevant. In fact, the logo design is based on the same aspects that have been used for the last couple of years, but there are also fresh developments.

According to statistics, 65% of the time, businessmen prefer to see only text and graphics on their organizations.

3D gradient in trend

This is a great solution for our time where everyone uses a smartphone. Gradients help to make any group of colors dynamic and unique, and 3D effects (conical) are able to highlight contrast between colors. Many designers believe that conical gradients will continue to be trendy down the road. This is due to their ability to create complex projects from simple ones. Plus they look good on the screen;

Letters overlapping

It is an interesting design decision because it can draw the potential client’s attention to your logo. It includes bleached parts, incompleteness, emptiness in lines, and so on. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the audience will not understand what brand it is. They must recognize it at a glance;

Focus on simplicity – it is the key to success

Trend of the current year (2022) is simplification based on three principles: comfort, practicality, aesthetics. The main thing in this advice is being able to show important information correctly.

In addition, it helps viewer’s eyes have a rest – this is quite relevant in our time where we are surrounded by too much unnecessary details/information;

Combine font and trademark

This is an important thing to combine in 2022. If you want to design your logo adaptive, unique and interesting, you should follow this advice. Furthermore, it is be able to tell your audience its hidden meaning;

Hand-drawn logos as a way to convey your company’s idea

Many experts think so! There is some truth in that – this format looks pretty lifelike and realistic plus strikes the potential clients’s eye. To meet these requirements, you should choose the most appropriate font, it must be readable and attractive.

Here you can use classic versions of calligraphy – it looks romantic, classy and beautiful. This is the most suitable option for companies which are working in the field of beauty and design or specializing in sales of children’s goods.

We have given you some tips on how to redesign your logo to make your company more recognizable to potential customers. Just follow them and you will always be in trend. 

You should always present several logos yourself to choose the best one. Also, ask your friends, family, coworkers or communities for their opinions. These methods really help you choose the right logo design for your company.

To sum up

Like most aspects of your business, your logo has a certain shelf life and should be changed over time so that your brand looks up-to-date and keeps your company’s identity fresh in the eyes of consumers. Your logo is your company’s brand that a new client encounters. Sp, it is important that it accurately conveys the ideas and focus of the business.

The main thing is to have a clear strategy in place before redesigning your logo, for being sure you will not alienate your current clients. Make sure your redesigned logo works with social media, your website, and printed materials. There is a great phrase by Ellen Lupton: “Think more, design less”. Not everything needs to be redesigned. Better leave it if something works.