Does Content Marketing Work?

Does Content Marketing Work

Writing, the art of creative thinking, comes easily for some people. Still, for many, it is one of the intense brain-tasking activities in all internet marketing processes – well, maybe next to writing a sales letter.

A simple YES answer will not do article marketing any justice without you first examining your visitors’ mentality, intentions, or expectations online and then seeing how the article relates to the reader’s state of mind.

The difference

You are using a sales letter to promote your business, and you may use that to justify your effort.

Whenever you are new to online business, you may not be familiar with article marketing. Many people ask, Does article marketing work? In a word, the answer is ‘yes.’ Writing articles can provide several benefits to both you, your website, and your online business.

Determine Your Why

When you are generating any one piece of content, do you know its purpose? Each content choice has a reason for being to be successful. Maybe content there to inform our audience about a problem? Most likely, the purpose of the content to get more subscribers, and the point is to sell a new product or service? If we don’t know the end, it’ll be hard to get anyone to take action.

There are several ways that an article brings in traffic.

First, the readers found your article on the Internet via a search term through a search engine, and after reading your article, they might click on your link at the bottom of the article or the author’s bio.

Second, many web admins need content for their ezine or newsletter. If they use your article for that, they have to leave your link intact and clickable; therefore, the readers of the ezine or newsletter might click on your link if they are interested.

Thirdly, many web admins need content for their website, and they frequent the article directories for articles on a specific subject. They can then build a web page with your content, again leaving your link clickable, which does two things. It gets you to traffic from the people who visit that website and click on your link, and it also creates a backlink to your site that the search engines will see, which will help your search engine rankings.

When they see an article and a backlink from many of the top article directories, Google realizes that this is not a spam link or article because humans have moderated the posting. All things being equal, the more backlinks and specifically the more quality backlinks a website has, the greater it’ll rank at search engines like google.

Understand Your Audience

When you produce any content, you must know who you’re create. Try developing buyer personas and writing the content to the customer instead of making it for a nameless person you don’t know. It can help you create very personalized content that gets results.

Know Your Niche

You might believe you are aware of your field of skills; however, the simple fact is that the distinct segment could adjust a little with time as technology enhances. Maintain current on your sector; therefore, you’re preparing for tendencies and changes that can grow.

Follow our Competition

The very optimal/optimally method to distinguish your material promotion in the contest is always to see everything they truly are carrying out. Combine your competitor’s listings, also examine this content they truly are sending outside. Could you establish whether or not it truly is working effectively for these not? Would you pick to get it done a small bit easier?

Now imagine if you wrote 365 articles in a year. At only ten visitors per month from each content, you would be getting 3,650 visitors per month free and for years to come.

There is never a guarantee on how many visitors per month any one article will bring, but you will have all the traffic you could ever want if you keep writing and submitting them.

Most people who have tried to make a living online have heard of the power of article marketing, but some think it’s too hard and doesn’t do it. That is a big mistake. Article marketing, in my opinion, is the most powerful method of generating tons of free targeted traffic to any website.

Know the Buying Process

There is a set buying process that your audience will take part in, even if they don’t realize it, and it’s important to realize where people are in the buying process. Typically it works something like this:


Information search




Plus, after purchase, your customer will evaluate whether or not to buy from you again.

Whether accomplished in newsprint or on the Internet, article marketing generally works the same way. In both cases, businesses write a short 500-700 word article about some information pertinent to their industry. The article may provide product overviews, comparisons, how-to information, or just general ideas about the company’s particular niche.

The business penning the article then submits the content to newspapers or article directories found on the Internet. The manuals or newspapers accept this content free of charge because these forms of media need the content to keep the readers happy and coming back for more. In exchange for the content, the business that authored the material receives a resource box providing contact information or a link back to the company’s website.

Refine Your Strategy

If you have no strategy or feel as if what you’re doing isn’t working, take the time to refine your approach to work better. Base this on the information you’ve gathered about customers, niche, your produce, services, as well as the buying process.

Promote the Content You Create

It can’t just create, and that’s the end. Use promotion strategies such as on and off-page SEO, social media sharing, and other means to promote the content.

Create Compelling Content

No one wants to consume boring cookie-cutter content. Ensure that content matches the needs of our audience, speaks to them on their terms, & provides value in and of itself to our audience.

Finally, content marketing is about the long haul. Results aren’t going to happen overnight. Continue to produce high-quality, relevant, consistent content that has a purpose and provides value, and you will see the results you desire.

Traffic can generate by submitting ads to free classified ad websites such as and, but it could take an hour or more to write and submit 10 to 20 ads, all of which will eventually expire, and you’ll need to resubmit them.


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