You must be an ambitious entrepreneur who is very interested in launching an online marketplace. That is why you have arrived here. You must wish for a well-known marketplace.

Despite the covid crisis, a few big online marketplaces like Letgo, Olx, Quikr, and others remain the forerunners in the classifieds industry. To be more specific, fashion products and daily basic accessories are two popular categories where online marketplaces have made their mark in 2022.

As a result, the viral pandemic has converted the usual into a nightmare, and the popularity of online markets is growing by the day.

I think you’re motivated by the success stories of the market’s main players and are committed to developing an online marketplace application that will not only copy but outperform their success.

When you want to launch a classifieds marketplace, it’s natural to have concerns and questions. Don’t be concerned! This site will address all of your inquiries, such as “What exactly is an internet marketplace? What will the online marketplace look like in 2022? How do a few marketplace apps function? How does one go about creating an internet marketplace? What is the best way to design a buy and sell used item marketplace app? and so forth.

What is the definition of a classified marketplace?

It’s critical to understand that a local marketplace software acts as a middleman, a virtual link between merchants and buyers. The basic guideline of the current marketplace is to sell in such a way that the consumer does not have to think about it.

Transactions are another important feature of a marketplace platform. A marketplace should make it possible to pay for goods and services in a secure and simple manner. The marketplace’s owner is solely responsible for the security of users’ data and the overall stability of the system.

The ultimate goal of any marketplace is marketing. They are making it very clear because real purchases are required to generate money on transactions. To accomplish this, you must attract both buyers looking for a good deal and sellers looking to make a profit.

You may be wondering if this is the appropriate time for you to enter and succeed in the classified market. Let me go over the breadth of this online marketplace in recent times in detail.

What will the scope of an online marketplace look like in 2022?

The truth is that an internet marketplace in 2021 has enormous potential. Furthermore, current categorized figures indicate that the reach of the internet marketplace is vast, and the graph will continue to rise in the next years.

As we all know, with the increased use of the internet and smartphones, people all over the world are turning to online shopping to meet their daily needs. As a result, it is clear that online marketplaces have evolved significantly throughout the years.

According to statistics, about 40 percent of internet users shop online. As a result, classifieds retail sales are predicted to expand at a 20.2 percent CAGR by the end of 2023 globally.

So the moment has come to establish your online store. Starting your online marketplace now will help you create your online presence and gain access to a much broader consumer base.

Now, without further ado, let us get to the primary point of this article: What is the functionality of a marketplace app such as Letgo, OLX, or Quikr?

How do online marketplace apps such as Letgo work?

Market research begins with a study of the domain’s major players, which are your main business competitors. Consider popular markets such as Letgo and OLX.


Letgo was founded in 2015 by Alec Oxenford, a former OLX CEO. Letgo is a mobile-only software. Therefore you can’t use it on a desktop device like other classifieds apps like Craigslist. Letgo is a free person-to-person smartphone application that allows users to buy from, sell to, and talk with other users in their immediate vicinity.

How does Letgo operate?

Letgo is a mobile classified service that allows users to purchase and sell items without any hassle. It is aimed at persons wishing to buy and sell worn and old items in their local area.

To begin buying or selling on Letgo, simply download the app and sign up (either via email or via Facebook).

Take a look at the item’s photo.

Set a price.

Fill in the blanks with a title, description, category, and more photos (if you want).

Select Done *

According to the company, posting an item for sale takes only 10 seconds.

Letgo generates revenue in a variety of ways.

Letgo didn’t make any money until they added a premium function called Bump. The basis of this service is that you spend $2 to position an item in the spotlight above the organic results for 24 hours in order to draw more attention to it.


The most user-friendly classified app

There are no fees associated with using the app.

Chat allows you to properly communicate with possible buyers/sellers.

AI and picture recognition technology improve the app’s usability.

A transparent environment for safe transactions.

The most effective method for developing a marketplace app for buying and selling old stuff.

The most crucial thing to understand is how to develop priorities and performance indicators. You can specify the design and essential features of your application by identifying the top performance metrics.

When defining your top indications, the two most important pillars to consider are UI & UX and branding.

UX and UI,

A personalized user experience job entails assisting your users in identifying the features and functions they require without causing them any inconvenience. This means that even simple details like text arrangement or color selection will be important.

Correct image alignment, branded color choices, and so on grab attention by directing users through the app and helping them stay focused on searching and purchasing.


This is an issue that is commonly overlooked. Every company has a face — a distinct brand name and logo. Your product, such as a marketplace app such as Letgo or OLX, must be compatible with your brand. At the same time, it must not be detrimental to the end-user.

How would one go about establishing an online marketplace?

It is no longer a monumental undertaking to launch an online marketplace. As mentioned in the preceding sections, there are online marketplace websites such as Letgo, Olx, and others. These are forging the path forward in the industry.

As a result, the prudent approach is to make use of the market’s prominent clone solutions, such as a Letgo clone or an eBay clone solution. A great strategy and appropriate planning, on the other hand, are always irreplaceable and must be done to start an online retail marketplace like a pro.

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in creating your ideal online marketplace.

Conduct extensive research.

When you’ve decided to launch your online marketplace, you’ll need to conduct a study to uncover ways to earn your specialty. At the same time, choose the one criterion that works best for you. This will be extremely beneficial while beginning a business as well as launching a new product. Choosing your niche and then trying to achieve it allows you to better grasp the buyer’s persona. And for an online marketplace to succeed, prior research is really beneficial.

Making a marketplace app and prototyping it

Every stage of professional prototyping entails fine-tuning your product’s functionality and creating a map of your user behavior.

Designing the UI/UX entails creating an application prototype. When creating the UI/UX for your company, your design team must incorporate all of the roles listed in

The product description,

Analyze application and end-user activity, and

Consider the placement of buttons and the functioning of each screen.

Developing a design concept

To produce a successful design concept, your open source development partner should render a few (typically up to five) developed screens that follow the goals, target audience, and functionality. As a general guideline, the designers with whom you are collaborating should be able to deliver the concept in a variety of styles from which you can choose. When the design concept has been approved, the remaining screens should be rendered in accordance with it.

Use this best practice.

Every web app firm should, as a best practice, begin with a minimum viable product or MVP. An MVP is the first version of your software that has only the essential functionality needed to please early consumers and gather feedback for future product development.

The primary goal of an MVP is to test your product in a real-world user environment and determine whether it solves the first problem or achieves the initial goal of your organization.

Consistent feedback can assist you in revising the current version of the product, gathering information on problems, identifying and addressing your customers’ pain areas, and improving the usability index.

Debugging and testing

While designing your local advertisements app on a computer, it’s difficult to predict how it will be used in actuality. All apps should be considered as distinct individuals, with unavoidable defects fixed from the initial version of the app.

Before launching new features and add-ons, it is best to compile a list of bugs and improvements to polish the core functionality of your product.


The MVP will be ready to endure any new features and add-ons as soon as the first version of your software is edited and debugged.

Following the update phase, the Letgo like app’s basic functionality will be iteratively implemented with both large and minor features.

After distributing modifications, perform a second and final round of testing. The QA engineer will look for bugs and compare the results to the project requirements during this procedure.

So you’ve gone over the processes of creating an online marketplace in great detail. That’s it! You’ve arrived at the end of this blog. Obviously, you’ve made the decision to launch your online marketplace right now. But there are two more things you should be aware of.

To summarize

Yes, creating a new local advertisements marketplace app isn’t difficult. The important thing is to come up with the proper idea for your product. A dull or mediocre bespoke development starts at $30,000 and might bankrupt you. Which frequently surpasses the time frame provided.

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