How to Experiment with Your Clothing to Make Your Outfit Aesthetic?


Your outfit is an integral component of your style quotient. Switching over to aesthetic outfits can showcase your individuality at its best. The fashion world is kissing new heights. Even a decade ago, aesthetic outfits were not as much of a buzz as today. The modern dressing ensemble is a state-of-art technique that can reflect your personality in the most promising way.

The aesthetic movement is the new hot cake in the world of fashion, with numerous celebrities endorsing the movement. When we look at some of the cool and trending pictures on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, we see this particular style dominating the current fashion landscape and we are, more often than not, lured into dressing up similarly. However, the biggest problem is that we hardly know where to begin dressing that way as fashion is not that easy to comprehend with knowledge.

So, the thing is that there is a whole bucket of style trends to choose from. If you are keen to dress aesthetically and love experimenting with your clothes, here are some of the most vivid types of aesthetic outfits that you can experiment with:

Baggy Aesthetic Outfits

If you are a fan of Southeast Asian dramas and the school of fashion that the K-pop world or lovey-dovey Thai dramas sport then you have indeed fallen in love with baggy clothes. Wearing oversized clothes is the new trend. Many beginners are in the dilemma that wearing big will make them look ‘fat’ or ‘dumb’ or ‘uncool’, but once you start wearing them ‘the right way, you will love them so much that there will be no going back for you.

The baggy clothes trend started in 2020 when the whole world was sitting in their homes on account of the pandemic and the subsequent series of lockdowns. Working from home, fighting the battle of a pandemic, wearing baggy clothes had become the style ever since then. They are comfortable, make one look adorable, and elevate your aesthetic appeal. If you have not embraced this style, grab the moment now. Try out some oversized tees, and you are ready for an awesome Instagram photoshoot.

Softcore Aesthetic Outfits

Many of us like to wear funky dresses, but the thought pulls us down that stylish clothes will be super uncomfortable. Softcore aesthetics clothes are a different take on funky dresses. This genre comprises the funky flirtatious clothes you would wear to a date.

They are fun and attractive. Softcore aesthetics revolve mainly around pastel shades with nude makeup. They are perfect for a day-long outing with your friends or partner. Don’t forget to pair softcore aesthetic clothes with funky shoes and accessories.

Dress Types: Flair one-pieces, chiffon crop tops with denim, shorts, and georgette shirts with cool and funky combos reflecting beach vibes, floral prints, and tropical graphics.

Vintage Aesthetic Outfits

Sit on the time machine and go back to the era of timeless beauty. The vintage collection never gets old. Needless to say, they are ideal for any occasion and any time of the year.

Vintage aesthetic clothes never go out of trend. So, be it a Marilyn Monroe one-piece or a 90s model look, you will surely be a showstopper once you can carry a vintage look ideally. Also, they are perfect for aesthetic photoshoots.

The one pro tip to creating a vintage aesthetic collection is repurposing the old clothes in your wardrobe. Accessories like hair bands or crystal earrings are suitable for such a look. Heels and stilettos will glam up your vintage aesthetic look.

Dress Types: Bell bottoms with polka dotted shirts are one of the best vintage wear styles. You can alter your old shirts and tops to create a puff sleeve. Complementary makeup won’t be hard to develop if you are a fashionista. Keep it simple when opting for vintage aesthetic outfits.

Ways to Reinvent Aesthetic Style

If you are bored with everything in your closet and want to create some magnificent aesthetic outfits out of the old ones, here are three pro tips for you:

Follow Fashion Icons on Instagram

You can follow your favorite models on social media and try to recreate some of their looks using your old clothes.

Make Some Sustainable Changes

Many of your old clothes can be ideally repurposed with painting or stitching. Unfortunately, few things may have gotten out of fashion, but you can bring them back. For example, if you have lost weight, try your T-shirts as baggy aesthetics.

Get a Jacket

This is a pro-saviour tip. Turn any ordinary cloth into a perfect aesthetic outfit by adding a trendy jacket or cover-up. And you are ready to hit the stage.

If you can apply some cool ideas, it is pretty easy to turn your clothes into new aesthetics. If you are keen on creating an appealing aesthetic vibe, pay enough attention to the accessories and makeup. You must choose a hairdo that compliments the outfit well. Also, do not forget to prioritize comfort over everything.