Explore Bohemian-Inspired Blouse Looks For Summer

Saree blouses have evolved over the years taking inspiration from the many different regions and cultures in India as well as around the world. Many women today also prefer to repurpose their saree blouses and wear them with skirts, lehengas, and shararas, and even create fusion looks with flared trousers such as palazzos. This has led to the growing popularity of Bohemian-inspired blouse designs that encourage individuality with eclectic designs.

Also known as ‘boho chic’ or the boho aesthetic, the term Bohemian was coined in the 19th century for communities that had a wandering lifestyle and would primarily travel. Their clothing reflected the rich diversity of the places they visited and brought forth a mix of traditional cultural influences. In India, the Banjara community represents this colourful mix of traditions. Over the years, the aesthetic has been associated with being carefree and free-spirited, which is reflected in the laid-back styles and unique patterns, textures, and colours.

If you too love showing off your style and want to wear statement blouses that help you stand out this summer, this guide will help you pick from a wide range of bohemian-inspired blouses. You can buy blouses online, All these styles will help you stay cool and breezy while making you look elegant.


  1. V-neck: The V-neck is a signature of the boho chic style and most dresses and tops in the boho style feature this neckline. You can pick a high neck or deep V style for your blouse depending on your preferences. If you opt to go for a plunging deep-V, pair them with a statement necklace to add focus to the neck area.
  2. Halter neck: Halter Neck blouses are a great choice if you want to show off your toned shoulders and arms. As the neckline covers most of the bust area, take this as an opportunity to display your heavy jhumkas. Opt for a hair updo to showcase the design and jewellery.
  3. Deep back: Deep back designs in a square or oval cut-out will help you achieve a bold look and allow you to show off the beautiful saree on the front, one can buy blouses online. The open-back design also allows you to add beaded latkans for an added elegant touch.
  4. Keyhole cut-out: Keyhole cut-out blouses are great for those who want to keep the look modest but add an interesting element to the back design. It will also offer ventilation in Summer days. Opt for a keyhole cut-out back design with a choli-style blouse that reaches the waist and elbow-length sleeves for a classy look.
  5. Balloon sleeves: Balloon sleeves are loose from the shoulders and fitted at the elbow for a gorgeous regal look that is inspired by European ball gowns. Combine this with a square neckline and pair it with dainty jewellery for a sophisticated feel.
  6. Bell sleeves: Bell sleeves are tapered from the shoulders and loose-fitted across the arm’s length, reaching the elbows and extending up to the wrist. This not only adds an ethereal look but also keeps you comfortable in the heat as the fabric is not tight against your skin.
  7. Corset style: Corset style blouses with button details are a trendy indo-western fusion look that you can wear on multiple occasions. Tie your hair in a slick-back bun and wear them with formal trousers for work events.
  8. Queen Anne neckline: The Queen Anne neckline combines the stylish sweetheart shape with thick shoulder straps to balance a low and high neckline. Traditionally used in Western wedding gowns, you can wear these blouses with a side bun and curtain bangs on top for a polished look.


  1. Mirrorwork: Mirrorwork designs will shimmer under the summer sun to help you achieve a stunning crowd-stopping look during the wedding season. They are also great for elevating simple solid sarees.
  2. Tassels: Tassels are a signature of the bohemian aesthetic and a top trend for statement blouses at the moment. Opt for a thin pallu drape to showcase the blouse with a saree.
  3. Multi-colour embroidery: Multi-colour embroidery or Doria work is a colourful and vibrant style to embrace the boho look. The vivid shades in the blouse can be matched with palazzo bottoms or sharara with a jacket for a fusion look.
  4. The beaded lace hem: The beaded lace hem pulls focus to the blouse and will move effortlessly with your movements. Pick a beaded lace hem blouse and pair it with a light skirt and waist chain for a dreamy cocktail party look.
  5. 5. Floral printed: The boho aesthetic heavily features flowers and nature-inspired motifs. Opting for a floral printed blouse with bouncy balloon sleeves will make you feel straight out of the regal world of the TV show Bridgerton (202).
  6. Ruffles: Ruffles add volume to a blouse. You can opt for a ruffled-sleeve blouse, fitted at the waist, to balance out proportions and an hourglass silhouette.
  7. Tie-dyed fabrics: Tie-dyed Fabrics or shibori work are reminiscent of the psychedelic designs for the bohemian tapestries and add a fun touch to blouses. The colourful palette of tie-dyed blouses also matches the vibrant summer vibe.
  8. 8. Shell: Shell trims at the hem, sleeves, or back will add a cool feel to your ethnic wear. They will especially look stunning at beach side venues for special occasions.
  9. Chevron prints: Chevron prints with gold or other metallic threads feature the signature style of boho tops and the geometric prints will be ideal for non-traditional events for a unique look.
  10. Patchwork: Patchwork is a signature of the wanderer communities as they bring together different prints and fabrics for a fun look. Patchwork-style blouses are statement garments that you can pair with many different solid-coloured sarees and skirts.Conclusion:

The bohemian style is about displaying your unique style and carefree nature. One can buy blouses online, Boho aesthetic blouses are ideal for the summer as they feature plunging necklines, low-cut back or backless designs, and loose-fitted silhouettes that keep you cool. The designs also include colourful embroidery and shimmering beading work that will be ideal for festive and occasion wear. The boho chic look is all about experimentation and going out of your comfort zone, so be sure to try out new and trendy blouse designs for a fashionable look.


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