Fashion Over 6 Feet: The Dos & Don’ts of How to Dress a Tall Man


Being taller than the average person has its benefits. Suddenly, you feel like your height and appearance seem to command a certain respect and awe among others. You can get away with wearing almost anything that does not break the basic rules of fashion and if you even go slightly off track, everything tends to go unnoticed. Maybe it’s time we started passing some of that off to the shorter guys around us.

When we talk about dressing a tall man, it’s possible that most people would think of rules such as “he should not wear horizontal stripes” or something like that. That’s all wrong! There is no need to make tall men dress in a certain way for fear they might otherwise draw attention to their height. There is nothing that tall men should avoid at all costs. Clothes such as long coats, head-hugging hats (or any hat at all) and anything else should make it to the high street instead of staying in the store shelves of plus-sized clothing outlets.

You can join the league of people who would love to get their hands on anything that makes them stand out in a crowd, no matter how uncomfortable it might be. For once, there is something that just might make you feel like the star of a room. You can check out some big and tall pants here.

Being tall doesn’t have to translate into being “lanky” or having difficulties getting clothes that fit you. Here are the basic dos and don’ts of how to dress a tall man, whether it is for work, play, formal events or casual occasions:

DO make sure the clothes fit as they should. It does not matter whether you are going for a suit or a shirt and jeans combination – everything should fit you perfectly. Any excess material around your arms, legs and waist areas should be immediately addressed to the tailor so it can be taken in or let out as necessary.

DON’T favor form over function! If something looks good on you, there is no reason for not wearing it just because it doesn’t serve a specific purpose. For example, why would you wear a shirt that has elbow-length sleeves when they’re supposed to be rolled up?

DO keep colors and patterns simple. If you are planning to make a statement with loud colors or busy prints, make sure that it is not overwhelming. Keep in mind that your size will make the clothes you are wearing look even bigger, so simpler is better when it comes to colors and patterns.

DON’T wear dark colors all the time. If you are taller, you can afford to go for darker colors without looking slimy or too formal. You can also wear pants that are heftier than what your shorter buddies can get away with.

DO pay attention to the length of your clothes. An untucked shirt, for example, might make you look shorter because it hides some of your height. Make sure everything is in place and nothing is hidden from view! A tailored suit jacket should always be long enough to cover your entire backside, regardless of how tall you are.

DON’T roll up your sleeves. Some people might say that rolling up your sleeves will make you look more relaxed and casual but it also makes you look shorter than you actually are! When in doubt, keep things simple and leave the rolled-up sleeves for the shorter guys!

If you follow these dos and don’ts of how to dress a tall man, then you will surely get people’s attention without looking like a fashion victim.


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