Find Out Which CRM is Best for Magento to Increase Product Sales

Which CRM is Best for Magento to Increase Product Sales

The retail landscape is changing rapidly due to drastic changes in customer’s demands.

Online retailers cannot just stick to their website to meet the diverse requirements of customers. They also prefer other channels of communication and reach like social media, online marketplace, and more to bring the best user experience and a seamless customer journey.

Most importantly, eCommerce retailers find it rather challenging to meet customers’ demand, generate more traffic, fulfil order requirements, attract visitors, and retain existing customers.

To address the challenges, integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an ideal solution to increase sales. Specifically, integrate the best CRM with Magento Store to experience enhanced sales patterns and increase in ROI.

What is CRM and How It is Useful for You?

As already mentioned, CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management software that helps to manage interactions between your Magento store and customers.

It is a powerful automation business tool that integrates various sections of your eCommerce business. It helps to provide the following unifying solutions to your retail enterprise.

* CRM creates a single database of customers and counterparts to have an effective view of products, orders, and fulfilment.

*  It effectively monitors the sales  department’s work.

* It manages the effectiveness of all the leads (from incoming calls, requests, etc.) along with analytics and obtaining statistics.

* It further helps Magento store to create profit-driven business development strategies, expansion plans, and quality improvement.

The Usefulness of CRM for Magento Website Owners

There is no doubt in the fact that customers shopping behaviour is changing. They search for a wide range of online retailers and get in touch with the one that offers a superior level of customer experience.

But how can you assume providing an enhanced level of user experience to customers? Simply by taking into account information like an average number of orders, average order value, most recent orders, cart abandonment rate, order cancellation, and more.

Now, all such insights you get interactively from a single best CRM software solution. A strong Magento CRM helps tell merchants all such information filtered on the basis of date, time period, location, customer IDs, products, and other segments.

Key Benefits of Using Magento CRM Integration

* Increase Demand & Supply: Magento CRM provides insight details related to customers, products, demand, and others. Thus, it helps the enterprise to procure products based on the current demand. You can make the best use of real-time sales data to evaluate the possible demand and maintain an ideal supply chain mechanism.

* Improve Sales: Using Magento CRM integration, offer better customer service after acquiring the necessary customer insights and offer valuable information. Furthermore, maintain seamless communication with customers and timely manage the orders.

* Minimize Losses: Adding CRM to your Magento eCommerce platform results in the automatic transfer of the right data. It leads to low or no human errors that could save your enterprise a lot.

* Report & Forecast: Get sales forecasting report, budget forecasting, deal-close probability, and other reports to gain real-time business insights. Thus, it becomes convenient for your organization to forecast budget planning and evaluate the key developing areas.

Check Out the List of Top 5 CMS for Magento eCommerce Platform

  1. Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the leading CRM platforms for Magento stores to identify insights and trends of the business. Till 2020, Salesforce CRM  generated an exceptional revenue of $17.1 billion

It offers a wide spectrum of features while integrating well with the Magento eCommerce platform.

* Simple installation

* Innovative capabilities

* User-friendly interface

* Low IT expenditures

* Cloud Computing technology

By integrating Salesforce with your existing Magento website, you will experience the following few key benefits:

* Salesforce keeps the data into different customers profiles. It is used by the sales team to cross-sell, upsell, and retarget customers. So, whenever a customer purchases a product from your Magento Store, Salesforce Cloud enable that data goes into a separate customer profile.

* Salesforce Marketing Cloud feature helps your store to integrate all the marketing activities together. It includes email marketing, social media promotion, advertisements, and more.

* The Salesforce Service Cloud is another beneficial feature of the CRM that emphasizes automation. It provides real-time customer assistance when the chatbot is away and gathers all the customer’s data.

  1. Agile CRM

Another top-level Magento CRM integration is the Agile CRM. It helps your eCommerce store to automatically follow up with customers and run customized campaigns.

Integral Features of Agile CRM

* Tagging and monitoring feature of the Agile CRM helps to run customized campaigns as per the respective interest of customers.

* Get actionable insights on the recent buying trends and your customer’s actions to improve sales and retention.

* Agile CRM provides a marketing automation feature which is a toolkit to engage with customers through different mediums like emails to mobile features.

* Manage cart abandoned rate by sending personalized pop-ups, discounts, and get more sign-ups for newsletters.

Get to Know the Benefits of Agile CRM Integration with Magento

* Reduce cart abandoned rate

* Increase revenue

* Determine who your customers are

* Understand customer behaviour and preference

* Set up cross-channel campaigns

* Understand shopping metrics

  1. Hubspot

Hubspot is another choice of Magento CRM you have, specifically for designing effective marketing campaigns and cross-border sales. It is the best CRM option for content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, website and search marketing optimization, and other activities.

Magento merchants can make the best use of Hubspot CRM to set up online sales and marketing funnels, manage customer data to take the right product selling and marketing decisions.

Top Features of Hubspot CRM for Magento

* Personalize the follow-up emails using pictures, URLs, and abandoned carts to automate the follow-up process.

* Grow upselling by integrating CRM with your top sellers.

* Identify traffic sources and marketing activities using the analytics tool of this CRM.

* Generate real-time reports using the CRM and share the same with respective members of the organization.

  1. Magento Zoho CRM

Zoho is an incredible Magento CRM software for enterprises that take their marketing activities upfront and have an accurate sales funnel.

Just like the Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM enables you to synchronize your customer data with the online store. Thus, it helps to track appropriate information about customer’s preferences, sales, and more.

Best Fetaures of Zoho CRM

* Zoho CRM Orders helps you track the order history of your Magento store.

* Zoho CRM Campaigns helps to analyze the results of your marketing campaigns.

* Zoho CRM Products helps you view the current products in your online store.

* Zoho CRM Price Book enables you to segment product prices into categories.

* Zoho CRM Custom Invoices helps you monitor all transactions and keep invoices safe.

  1. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is affordable software for Magento owners. It helps to maintain the record of transactions, track potential transactions, and automate the sales pattern.

It offers a variety of useful tools for planning, organizing, and monitoring the work of the sales team and streamline the process.

Check out the top features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

* It helps to create the client card that stores the customer information and provide access to the interaction history and tasks to be performed.

* It offers a large scale of analytical reports to study the customers’ preferences and sales patterns to make informed decisions.

  1. SugarCRM

SugarCRM is an open-source system for managing sales and customer support. Magento owners find this free to install CRM software extremely convenient and customizable. It can be installed on your web server and integrate well with your Magento platform.

It stores all the customer information, management of the sales process, store relevant details including invoices, user’s data, results of the marketing campaign, and more.

Features of SugarCRM

* SugarCRM offers an integrated telephone system for the sales team to make customer calls. It allows the staff to receive and make calls and automatically record the information about all the conversations.

* It offers reports to visualize the sales patterns and take further decisions to improve the same. Thus, saving a lot of time in collecting insights and managing customers.

Final Note

Every eCommerce store requires the optimum support of CRM to enhance business processes. It helps to understand customers in a better way and fulfil orders in the shortest possible time frame.

With the wide range of Magento CRM software options available, you will not feel the shortage of respective components. Pick the ideal CRM software meeting all your marketing, sales automation, customer support, and store maintenance requirements.

Leverage the Magento solutions and CRM services support from Magento Developer Group. It is one of the proficient Magento service companies that offer experienced professional support and assistance to meet your diverse requirements. All the more important is to share your needs with the company and get customized solutions to increase sales, retain customers, manage users, and add more customers to your eCommerce platform.

Author Bio – Sila Rosario is Senior Magento Developer cum technical blogger at Magento Developer Group, a leading eCommerce development company. She writes on a variety of topics related to the latest technologies, eCommerce, web and mobile app development, tech trends, and news. Through her articles, Sila aims to make businesses, professionals, and tech-savvies aware of the latest trends and developments happening in today’s digital world.


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