Where to Find the Best Full-Stack Developer for Your Project

Full-Stack Developer

Hiring top talents within the tech field is increasingly becoming difficult, and this is partly because there’s a sharp rise in the number of companies undergoing digital transformation–causing a sudden increase in the demand for specialists.

One category of specialists that is increasingly becoming rare is full-stack developers, as statistics from CoderPad suggest that nearly half of this specialist role is unfilled. However, finding seasoned full-stack developers is still possible, and here are some places to find top talents:

1. Outsourcing Providers

Once you’ve figured out when to hire full-stack developers for your organizations, you can start searching by contacting outsourcing providers within your locality, and offshore. These outsourcing providers are usually software development agencies with a large talent pool of experienced programmers.

The outsourcing provider will provide you with developers per project specification, and your organization’s requirement, for a specified timeframe or till a task is accomplished.

Since outsourcing agencies differ from one another, it’s best to clarify their offerings, and seek considerable commitments before making payments.

Hiring full-stack developers from an outsourcing agency offer a myriad of benefits that include:

  • You won’t pay for unproductive hours as payment is often per project or hourly basis.
  • The cost of onboarding developers this way is cheaper than alternatives,
  • You can easily scale your workforce,
  • You can easily hire offshore full-stack developers for a cost-effective price,
  • You have a large pool of options to choose from.

2. Referrals

Statistically, less than 5% of full-stack developers are actively looking for a new role. As such, if hiring new talent is top of your organization’s list, then you’ll have to go beyond writing a catchy job description.Referrals are recommendations made by individuals in your circle of influence. Quite often, these individuals have an apt understanding of the intricate needs of your organization and make recommendations that fit your business and technical expectations. Due to the effectiveness of this method, a good number of roles are filled by referrals. Here are some benefits of hiring via referrals:

  • Access to better candidates,
  • Increased hiring frequency,
  • It eliminates recruitment advertising costs,


LinkedIn is uniquely designed as both a social platform for professionals and a job board. It provides an opportunity for startups to access desired tech talent, and check out their project portfolio, certifications they’ve gotten, and reviews from colleagues.

LinkedIn job seekers can also apply for jobs on listings made on the platform. What’s more? Recruiters can target potential employees with specific skill-set.

Here are some benefits to hiring from LinkedIn:

  • It offers flexible means of hiring full-stack developers,
  • You can search for full-stack developers based on certain parameters,
  • Free ads to attract top talents.
  • It connects you to the right people fast.

4. Freelancer Platforms

Hiring from freelancer platforms offers a myriad of benefits. However, it goes both ways. Although you can enjoy the flexibility of paying per project, or milestones, freelancers can ditch your project at any stage for a more beneficial one.

Numerous studies have suggested that there’s an increase in top talents preferring to register on freelance platforms. As such, there’s a massive opportunity to hire full-stack developers for your project on these platforms. Common freelance sites to find developers include Fiverr, UpWork, Toptal, etc.

Here’s a highlight of the pros of this hiring method:

  • Opportunities to hire cheap talents,
  • Flexibility,
  • Access to specialized skills,
  • Access to a large talent pool,
  • Fresh insight into your development workflow.

5. Websites that Feature Challenges

Coding challenges are tests on the developer’s logic using quantitative activities. While these platforms are mostly used in recruiting coders, some platforms feature coding challenges for anyone that wishes to participate.

By going to these platforms, you can find top-scoring coders and onboard them into your organization. It’s a quite straightforward path that enables you to choose based on technical capacity. Common sites offering these challenges are HackerRank, Codewars, Topcoder, Codeforces, etc. The best places to look on these sites are forums, blogs, and leaderboards.

By going through this option, you’ll enjoy the following benefit:

  • Straightforward access to highly talented coders,
  • It provides an accurate sample of the developers capacity,

6. Developer Forums

Certain websites are popularly used by developers, with such examples being GitHub, Indiehackers, and StackOverflow. Open an account on any of those platforms, make a post with your job description, and engage with comments. Also, some forums have specialized pages for job listings, and you can hire talents fast by capitalizing on them.

Advantages of hiring via developer forums are:

  • You can directly contact prospective employees, eliminating the need to pay commissions and fees as with freelance platforms.
  • Your job listing is seen by active developers.


Hiring talented full-stack developers, or any developer at that is becoming increasingly difficult. However, by adopting the right hiring strategy, and looking for developers at the right spots, you can find the top talent you need in no time.

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