How to Get Brand Deals through Social Media

According to Forbes magazine, generation Z constitutes 40% of the online content consumers. The groups spend most of their time on social media platforms. Social media has become the new normal, and Covid 19 pandemic is the driving force behind this turn of events.

The element of social distancing and quarantine drew generation Z more into social media platforms. Therefore, many social media users fall into content creators and consumers. Most online users utilize these platforms to seek inspiration for their actions and lifestyles. Given this, there is a rise in social media influencers who use this opportunity to get brand collaborations deals.

What is Influencer Promotion?

An influencer is an individual who directly impacts other people’s decisions. Influencers have followers who learn and even copy their actions. These fans trust influencers to the extent that they rely on influencer advice to make product and lifestyle decisions.

If you are an influencer, some fans follow your lifestyle and advice. Companies can approach you for partnerships depending on the number of followers and the extent to which you influence this group. Such partnerships constitute influencer marketing.

So, how can you attract various brands to get payments? Here are tips on how to get brand deals through social media platforms.

1. Embrace Specificity in Your Niche

Consistency is the key to influencer marketing. Ensure you post on specific content to build your brand. For instance, if you are interested in beauty brands influencer marketing, keep posting pictures and content about beauty. Such consistency will make your audience identify you with beauty rather than other niches.

Furthermore, consistency will make your potential partners view you as an expert in the field and, as such, become confident with you. Your followers further increase their trust as they view you as professional, judging from your posts. Therefore, your potential partners will leverage your influence to increase sales.

However, if you keep changing the type of content you post, your audience becomes confused and loses trust in you. Even possible brands will fail to connect with you as you lack specificity on the types of products you support.

2. Study Your Audience

Take time to study your fans and their interests so that you can align your content with their specifications. Understand that your followers are the driving forces behind brand partnerships. Therefore, understanding them is the key to winning these brand deals, as you can easily convince them to identify with your brands.

For starters, ensure you understand the time your fans are most active, location, age, and gender. Such knowledge helps you to pitch for brand partnerships. Brands are interested in the type of audience they influence in the market.

For instance, if you post beauty content, you should be specific on whether you target men, women, or both. Once you are clear about your audience, specific brands can approach you for partnerships.

3. Post Consistently

Make your audience understand your posting schedule. Also, adjust your posting sequence to suit your audience. Based on initial trial and error, understand the amount of content you post for your audience.

Furthermore, never go for long periods without posting content. A lack of content can make your audience forget about you and reduce your metrics on social media platforms. When you embrace consistency, you give the brands an impression of consistency in marketing their products. Ultimately, they prioritize you over other influencers in your niche.

4. Tag Brands within your Content

Once you’ve established your brand and audience, you can tag brands in line with your content. These will allow you to engage with your audience as they seek clarification on these products. You may not be paid initially, but these brands will single you out and work with you as time goes by.

Also, when tagging these brands, start with the small ones. Established brands can rarely notice you as they have several endorsers. As you grow your fan base and expertise in the market, potential brands will see your positivity and give you deals.


Getting brand deals through social media can be difficult due to the rising number of influencers. It is crucial to stand out from the influencers to win brand deals. You can apply various tips to appeal to the brand owners. For instance, you can embrace specificity, know your audience, post consistently, and tag brands. In the end, you will get brand endorsement deals through social media.