Diabetes and how to fight it

What if one day, you wake up and are being robbed of all the sweet dishes by your family? You can no longer eat any sweet words.

Eating food is generally in the form of complex carbohydrates, which are further broken down by our digestive enzymes and later used by our body in the form of Glucose. How good is papaya for diabetes?

Glucose is the primary energy ingredient needed for our body to function. Glucose alone can also be problematic for our body; this is where insulin plays a significant role in our body. Is Sweet Potato excellent or bad for diabetes? Let’s find the answers to these questions in the blog.

How is energy currency generated?

Insulin is a hormone secreted by the Beta cells of the pancreatic gland. Insulin, when secreted, enters the cell and brings the Glut transporters to the cell’s surface, thus making the cell ready to accept the glucose and further, the glucose is broken down to form ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). It is the energy currency spent in all reactions going into the body.

The process converts the ATP to ADP and then to ATP, and the cycle continues.

The main problem arises when glucose is unable to enter the cell.

Worst disease diabetes

Diabetes is a common disorder which generally means the frequent passage of urine (Polyurea). Diabetes Mellitus means the body is removing glucose through urination. Diabetes Mellitus is generally of 2 different types.

Type I and Type II.

a.) Type I- This is insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus. This kind of disease typically occurs before 40 years of age and is unrelated to any lifestyle. Beta cells are not performing correctly in this case.

Insulin, in this case, is not secreted in the right amount, which causes diabetes.

b.) Type II- This is insulin-independent Diabetes Mellitus. All cells are working in normal conditions. Insulin is secreted in the correct amount.

It is caused due to lifestyle issues and is generally forced on obese people. It usually occurs after 40 years of age.

Now in both cases, the cells cannot take glucose which is not beneficial for the body. Now you have to avoid eating chocolates or such sweet substances rich in sugar.

Papaya and Sweet Potato exceptions?

Are Papayas good for diabetes? It is a common question which storms one’s mind.

Generally, fruits are sweet; thus, some may even think fruits are off-limits for a person with diabetes. Papaya is nutritious, delicious, and beneficial to consume. Papayas are rich in fibres and flavonoids and also have several antioxidants. Papayas are not rich in sugars. Instead, they are hypoglycemic and increase the sugar levels in the body). Eating papayas regularly can help reduce the development of insulin resistance, which may help to bring the blood sugar level down.

It also has a low glycemic index which is beneficial for the body.

Many dietarians also advise including apple as it is rich in antioxidants and is believed to reduce the risk of many diseases; hence papayas are also known as the “Fruit of Angels”. A single apple has about 60 glycemic index.

Apples are no doubt a delicious and healthy food which you can have in your diet list. It must have answered the question. Are Papayas good for Diabetes or not?

Sweet Potato

Is sweet potato good for diabetes? Sweet Potato has a low glycemic index and minimal natural sugar, so the sugar levels will not spike. Sweet Potato is rich in fibre.

Sweet Potatoes are not much safer options to consider as one must be very cautious when choosing the correct potato.

Sweet potatoes are rich in beta carotene, Reducing the risk of type II diabetes.

It is also rich in vitamin A, protein, calcium, fibre, magnesium, phosphorus etc.

Protein and fibres are a necessity in diabetes.

There are three different types of sweet potato:

Orange sweet potato, Japanese Sweet potato, Sweet purple potato.

When consumed correctly, sweet potatoes can be a healthy food when you have diabetes. Even some of the variants of sweet potatoes can help you reap some benefits and manage your condition.

These include Japanese sweet potatoes and purple sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition, but it is also rich in carbohydrates, so one should always keep their diet in check

One should always eat papayas and sweet potatoes but not more than the limit as diabetes is sensitive and may spike blood sugar levels