Here’s How to Create a Mobile App Marketing Strategy for 2021 that Works

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

So, you have finally transformed your brilliant app idea into reality. Sounds great. But how do you make your app standout from millions of apps already available in the App Store and App Store? Finding a professional mobile app development team and building a great app is not enough. What’s the point of developing a functional app if it doesn’t reach its target audience? Creating a perfect app marketing plan is also necessary to make your app a huge success.

Your mobile app marketing plan should include necessary steps that help you reach your potential customers, motivate them to use your app, and become your loyal users. If you are planning to develop a mobile app in 2021 to improve your brand reach, get more conversions and sales. It is important to start looking for app promotion ideas and marketing strategies in advance. A workable app marketing strategy can help you stay ahead of the game and reach your revenue goals.

In this blog, I’ll discuss how to create a mobile app marketing plan to get more brand visibility and downloads in 2021 and beyond. Let’s check them out.

Awareness Stage

It is the pre-launch stage in which your goal would be to reach your target audience and inform them about your killer app.

Here are a few important steps that you should keep in mind to make your app discoverable.

 Know your Audience

When it comes to marketing your app, it is important to research your target audience. What are their pain points, what solutions they want from your brand, what are their needs, and much more? Many professional app development companies collect this data during the development phase to add unique features and functionalities to the app. Your app marketing plan also needs this useful data to attract your potential users.

Create Pre-Launch Buzz

Whether you have developed an Android version of your app or iOS, the key is to be careful about the timelines. Carefully follow the play store guidelines and then decide the launch date of the app. You can harness the power of social media and go live on Facebook or create a video for IGTV to inform your audience about your app release. You can highlight your app’s essential features and discuss the unique functionality that makes your app stand out. If you want people to download your app, you need to work on pre-launch buzz before your product is released.

Come up with a Perfect Content Marketing Plan

Creating a content marketing strategy is another important step that you should focus on before launching your app. You need to write a killer title and detailed app description that highlights the app’s features and benefits. You can create a blog post and embed an informative video that tells your audience about your upcoming app. Add screenshots to give users a clear idea about how to use your app.

Create a Landing Page

Creating a landing page for your app marketing is simply a great idea to attract the target audience. You need to write a perfect copy for the app marketing landing page. A landing page can help you drive traffic and increase brand awareness for your app.

Social Media Marketing

You can use social media marketing platforms for your mobile app marketing. You can create some interesting posts, such as gifs, short videos, clips, and images for your app launch. When people know that your brand will soon launch a new app, they will definitely download it once it releases. If done right, social media marketing can help you engage with your target audience, build trust and drive brand awareness for your app.

Consideration Stage

The goal of your mobile app development project is to get the maximum downloads. You can fulfill this goal if your app marketing plan includes paid marketing and app store optimization techniques.

Focus on Paid Campaigns

If you have set aside a budget for mobile app marketing, you should go for paid marketing campaigns. You can run paid ads on Facebook, YouTube, Google, and LinkedIn.

App Store Optimization

In order to get a high number of downloads, following app store guidelines is a great idea. App store optimization is a proven way to boost your app visibility and make it discoverable. There are a number of factors that matter most when it comes to achieving higher rankings in app store search results.

  • Keyword research
  • App name
  • App title
  • App description
  • App icon
  • Screenshots
  • Video preview

Create a Retention Plan

Once you launch the product and start getting downloads, now it’s time to work on a retention plan. You need to keep users engaged by adding new features and providing exciting offers to retain existing users and add new customers.

Leverage Push Notifications

You need to keep users engaged by encouraging them to open your app by notifying them about any new feature, upcoming product, service upgrade, or important news that you want to share with your users.

Stay Organized and Manage your App Marketing Campaign with Asana

If you want to stay organized and want to achieve the desired results, it is advised to use Asana to manage your app marketing campaign. The tool allows campaign managers to successfully run a marketing campaign:

  • Start your campaign with a clear objective.
  • Assign roles to the responsible person.
  • Create a project plan.
  • Create timelines and make adjustments according to the requirements.
  • Schedule tasks and assign them to the assignees.
  • Create dependencies.
  • Create a creative brief.
  • Add project rules.
  • Use custom field notifications to get feedback and approval.
  • View project activity in Overview.
  • Manage priorities with custom fields.
  • Monitor progress to make tweaks in your app marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Here you go. If you are all set to launch your mobile app or thinking of investing in app development, it is advised to have a solid app marketing ready in advance so you can easily achieve your conversion and sales goals. Good luck!

Irfan Ak

Irfan AkIrfan Ak is an experienced digital & content marketing strategist at Branex Inc. He is a regular contributor on various websites. He has worked with several brands and created value for them


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