Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app but has become a great marketing channel for brands and businesses. According to Instagram, 90% of people on the platform follow at least one business. This means business owners present on Instagram have a wonderful opportunity to spread the word about their services and build a social network.

However, provided the cut-throat competition among businesses on Instagram, it’s very easy to lag behind. But the good news is, you can beat your competition on the app and keep your profile growing. How? Let’s dive in to know!

Analyze Your Competitors On Instagram

By analyzing your competitors’ activity on Instagram, you can find out how well you are doing compared to other brands. You can benchmark your profile against a successful business of the same niche and comparable size. This will help you decide which KPIs you should pursue. For example, suppose you want to know how frequently you should publish.

Having a look at how many times your competitors share content will help you draw conclusions. Conducting Instagram competitor analysis will help you get an idea of content creation. This will also help you know what kind of content interests your audience.

Focus On Quality Content

One way to ensure that your content gets seen is to make sure you post high-quality, engaging content. Use relevant hashtags in the captions to your posts. Don’t assume that you will gain more exposure by increasing the frequency of daily posts. Posting too often may send your posts down the queue. Instead, focus on sharing quality content that is targeted to your followers. Respond to comments on your posts actively. Engage with the audience; share, and comment on their posts as well.

Buy Instagram Followers From Legit Sellers

Another trick to get an edge over your competition is to buy Instagram followers to boost your account. However, make sure that the free Instagram followers you are getting are real. For this, you can go through their account and check their activity. This way, you can easily identify if they are real users or fake accounts.

Remember – Buying free Instagram followers doesn’t mean that you should stop putting efforts into improving your marketing strategies. Look for ways to grow your account organically for long-term results.

Find An Optimal Posting Time

Instagram doesn’t display posts in the same order as they are shared. By posting at the most optimal times, you can win the game, though. When the content you share gains likes and engagement, Instagram considers it valuable and pushes it higher up the queue. This means you need to determine the best time when your followers are most active. You can use Instagram Analytics to find the right time to publish on Instagram when most of your followers are online.

Host Contests, And Giveaways To Keep Your Followers Engaged

Instagram marketing should not be about you always. Sometimes, it should be about the ones who follow you. Look for the best practices to connect with your fans. One way to encourage this connection is to host a contest or giveaway. Make your contests fun and attractive for your followers. Don’t overuse these contests, though. If you host contests constantly, it may impact the audience’s engagement.

Leverage Calls-To-Action Amid Your Posts

As an Instagram user, you already know that you can’t insert a clickable link anywhere except your bio. But you can add a CTA into your posts, in the caption or on the image. You might be thinking that it will affect where your posts appear in the audience’s feed. To some extent, it does. But it can also help drive traffic to your site and increase the conversion rate. So you can add catchy CTAs, like ‘Double Tap’ or ‘Tag your friends’ to spice things up.

Go Live

Going live on Instagram can also help you outperform your competition. Using this tactic, you will appear at the front of the stories. Furthermore, the ‘LIVE’ logo makes your Insta profile look catchier than others. If you go live regularly, the audience will likely explore your other content too.

These are some of the tricks that will help you improve your Instagram marketing and beat your competition.


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