An important part of the product engineering process is automation testing. The software development life cycle has always been an essential part of testing. Every day, it encounters rapid technological progress. New age testing tools, such as TestingWhiz, made automation testing much easier for companies to carry out efficient results.

One of the major obstacles in the release of new software on the market is the shortage of test automation. Most software tests are actually still carried out manually. Companies adopt Agile and DevOps approaches in order to meet clients’ expectations in faster software release cycles. However it is still manual and inefficient for the bulk of the testing life cycle – especially planning and design stages. Unspecified problems in software quality lead to production. Companies cost trillions of dollars with reduced speed in the market.

What are the Advantages of Test Automation?

Automation testing offers several advantages. It ensures that the superior product is delivered successfully with an improved test automation efficiency and maximum return. Automation testing reduces development cycles while improving the quality of your software even when you work quickly and efficiently. In consequence, it’s time- and economic-efficiency.

Considering your focus is at gaining superior output, automation testing is the best way to achieve it. The application quality leads to an improved customer experience in a competitive brand-led market.

Test Automation Practices for Excellent Software Products

Here are the top 5 ways for your company to deliver its best quality application using test automation:

  1. Recruit a Dedicated Automation Testing Resource
  • Employing an automation engineer as a manual tester cannot do both jobs at the same time
  • Automation testing is a complete job; it needs a dedicated resource
  • The size and scale of your products depends on the number of automation engineers
  1. Know the Application Under Test
  • The choice of the best tool depends on the technologies in the product, so you should be guided by the correct technology consultants
  • Check which browser it supports and the technology it uses for web applications
  • Check the integrated technology for desktop applications
  1. Tool Proficiency
  • The right automation tool is only the start of the process
  • With an automation tool you can automate everything, these tools require a high level of expertise to effectively complete the process
  1. Find Automation Possibilities
  • Don’t just test the test cases manually and identify automation opportunities
  • Extend the test case to data-driven, for instance, when testing the login page
  • List all scenarios available for testing including username & password invalid, username blank, e-mail invalid, etc
  • All these scenarios are performed in one go by automating the test cases
  1. Cannot Automate Everything
  • Automation does not substitute manual test testers; it removes repetitive work from test testers that allow innovation
  • The profitable, time efficient and challenging tests for manual testers should also be automated

Adoption of Test Automation in Software Testing

Organizations are now beginning to study how supporting and automated practises can be adopted throughout their life cycle. It ranges from the creation of tests to data and beyond. Automation is becoming critical for efficiency, as it offers major advantages: faster time to market, more efficiency and quality enhanced.

Now, many organizations are little by little using automation to improve productivity and stay aligned with development and release cycle demands. For example, automation can be used for testing or managing defects. However, for today’s dimension, this stiff approach is insufficient.

Some have speculated that companies may be leery about full automation, because of the imminent fear that the testers would be expensive. It’s a misunderstanding. Automation does carry out the jobs, but definitely changes them. Instead of prevention methods, testing will become more predictive. These methods are implemented starting with the planning phase with the agile development environment.

Organizations can deal with problems faster by conducting testing through automation tools. This means that testers can improve their skills. They are entitled to further business roles and not just IT roles thanks to their profound domain expertise.

Modernization with Test Automation

In every industry and function, including the software industry, AI has quickly gained a central stature. AI-based automation enables businesses to market software faster and gain unparalleled benefits in their software release cycle with agility, speed and reliability. Only one such automation application is software testing. Test automation not only alleviates the burden of repetitive tasks, but can also carry out additional tests which otherwise might not be carried out as they are difficult to do manually.

It is seen that most organizations are in favour of the enormous advantages of automated testing, and hesitation shows the competitive advantage for early adopters. Test automation will surely enable you to deliver better software, speed up and exponentially transform your business with a well-informed strategy and integration. It is always better to rope in a better advisor in the form of a test automation service provider for gaining better insights related to systematic adoption. ImpactQA is a leading test automation company which can better suit your project requirements without any fail. Feel free to connect and share your ideas.


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