How to install and configure Kodi on Android

Kodi on Android
Kodi on Android

How to install and configure Kodi on Android

There are many different ways to set up and use Kodi, however if you are a beginner to the world of media sharing you will probably want to learn how to install and configure Kodi on Android devices. With so many different versions available today there is something for everyone and no matter what type of device you have to watch your favourite TV shows.

If you are not familiar with Kodi you will want to download the latest version which can be downloaded here. Once you have installed Kodi on your device all you need to do is select a profile to put it on, then start watching. You can control your Kodi from the home screen, you can play videos, photos and other media files.

However, as you would expect if you are using a computer to install Kodi the process will be slightly different. First you will need to download a compatible Android Kodi plugin. There are several out there but not all work with each and every android device. If you have an older android device the plugin you want to get for your Kodi experience is Kodi Plug-in Repository.

Once you have found the repository you are going to need to install the Android Kodi plugin from there. This is best done by opening up the “Add/Remove Programs” application and clicking on the link that is displayed in this screen.

After you have installed the plugin you need to restart your device to make sure Kodi is able to access the settings you are interested in. Once you are finished with this you can either reboot your phone or go back into the Kodi settings and click on the “Network Settings” option.

Once you have opened this screen you will see the option to configure the Kodi network. To do this click on the “Advanced” button. The next thing you need to do is to click the “Auto Connect” button. This will connect your Kodi device to the internet automatically when you switch on your phone.

Once you have completed the steps above you should now be able to see your Kodi icon in your home screen and be able to access your media from any device. You can now move from one place to the next or start to play media straight away. with full control over your device.

Installing and configuring Kodi on Android devices is a fairly simple process and once you have completed the task you are able to enjoy full freedom over your media collection. Whether you want to share pictures, movies, TV shows, music or videos there is no need to leave your phone behind.

You will also be able to watch your favourite shows on your TV using Kodi without having to go through the hassle of connecting to the internet using your mobile device. This means no more waiting until the show starts on your television and having to wait for the satellite TV provider to signal your signal. to come through.

If you are running Kodi on an older android device, you will still need to go through the steps mentioned above in order to access all the options you have available for your device. if you have a newer android device then you will need to have a newer android plugin installed to watch the content you want. on your phone.

There are many ways to find a new android plugin to help you with your Kodi experience. You can either visit a Kodi forum on the internet, or search online. for a good list.

Once you have found a good list for you can try it out by trying to install it on your device by copying the file onto your Kodi folder. You should have no problems.


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