How To Make Online Animated Video for Free?

Finding the best animation maker tool has become quite difficult to find because there are numerous tools available online and everyone offers same set of features. Now, which tool is better for you depends on your needs and requirements. One tool covers one feature but lacks many, so why not to choose a tool which covers all your online animated video making needs under one umbrella.

How Doratoon helps create free animation?

Gone are the days when you needed to hire someone to make animated videos for you. It was quite heavy on the pocket. Whether making a complete video or letting someone polish it for you was quite time-consuming.

Another factor was lack of understanding of the overall theme. It’s quite hard to communicate what exactly is in your head and telling someone exactly what you want isn’t physically possible, right? Translating your visualization in verbal form seems to be an impossible task.

But it isn’t ANYMORE!

Give Your Imagination Life

Doratoon give life to your imagination. It helps you physically and literally create what’s in your head. Creating animations to make your videos look captivating and engaging is now just a few taps away.

Doratoon is an online animation maker that helps you make your videos look more eye-pleasing. With countless templates available in the application, you can create some amazing visual effects by matching a theme from the list with that of the video to create the desired results.

Increase Your Watch Time

If you’re making your videos for YouTube platform, the watch-time is the biggest concern of all the creators out there. You need to create videos that keep engaging your viewer to the end of the video in order to standout in the YouTube’s ranking algorithms.

Being a creator on social media and other online video sharing platforms, you need to bring QUALITY within your content to increase your audience. Your story or the topic of your video might be quite interesting but why people aren’t still watching your content until the last second?

Let Doratoon Make Healthy Transitions

There’s something you need to focus on and that my friend, is the lack of using healthy transitions. The transitions in your videos are quite important to consider because they help in the overall engagement of your video. This is where Doratoon makes your job much easier.

Doratoon – an animated video maker, helps you create amazing and stunning animations to make your videos look epic and engaging. The animated visuals effects within your transitions will keep your viewers to stay engaged with the story of your video.

Moreover, after transitions, your biggest concern should be the appropriate backgrounds for your animated videos. A Tarzan doing monkey swinging without the trees in the background wouldn’t look natural at all. There should be a natural-looking background to make the animation of a Tarzan look more real.

Doratoon offer hundreds of backgrounds pertaining to different genres. Moreover, Doratoon also offers plenty of animated characters with variety of different fascial expressions. With smart dubbing option crafted with artificial intelligence, you can convert any text input into an effective video dubbing output.

To make your videos more enriched, we offer thousands of props. All you’ve to do is to hit Doratoon with related keywords and dig out some high-quality super interactive props to work with.

Tips for making an awesome animated video

Your animated video needs to cover a compelling story and in order to create a compelling story, you’ve to follow some common yet important tips.

Writing a Video Script

Before getting your hands into animation stuff, make sure you’ve a complete video script along with every necessary direction. A detailed video script help you stay focused and on-path. In order to design a video script, you need to ask few questions to yourself.

What are you making it in the first place? Who’s your target audience? What goal is to be achieved? What’s the core message you need to convey?

All these questions will help you make a healthy video script to achieve your animated video goals.

Make Your Transitions Look Real

The transitions between your scenes should be so smooth that it shouldn’t disorient your viewer’s attention. An animated video with good transitions can increase your video’s overall watch time. However, poor transitions in your animated video can completely destroy your efforts of planning, designing, writing, and scripting.

In short, transitions are as important as creating a story and you should invest a lot of your time to make your transitions look more eye-catchy!


Now, making a right choice is your job! Doratoon is just drag and drop thing. You don’t have to be an expert to make an animated video, all you’ve to do is to find some epic content from the templates. Moreover, Doratoon also guides you step-by-step through the whole process just to give your imagination, a life!


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