How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming a convenient search option for people. It makes navigation easy. After all, you wouldn’t need to type long questions when using this feature.

As many as 70% of people prefer voice search rather than typing. Undoubtedly, voice optimization becomes essential for any website to grow its traffic by providing easy access to surfers. Voice search optimization, enables the effective use of keywords for searches using the digital voice assistant.

Searching through the web becomes simple with this feature. A person only needs to speak on the microphone, and the search results appear on the screen. Also, it is a great feature for boosting your website business.

Why Optimizing Your Website For Voice Search Is Worth It?

Voice search offers an excellent opportunity to catch organic search traffic. Optimizing voice search for your website can help improve your overall ranking. So, undoubtedly, you must consider voice search optimization for your business.

How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search? – 9 Ways

The perfect way to engage visitors on your website is to make it user-friendly. Voice search optimization helps make your website more user-friendly.

Here are the 9 ways for voice search optimization that you can use.

Minimize Page Loading Time

Every intelligent website owner knows that page loading is one of the prime ranking aspects. As digital content is increasing daily, speeding  your website loading time is very important for ranking.

A good website should load within two seconds. Websites with fast, easy, and simple content rank better.

Minimizing the loading time of your website will ensure that voice search works faster and better on your website.

Discover And Utilize Conversational Keywords

Short and unclear words are opposed by SEO. The preferable keywords are mid-tail and long-tail. However, in voice search, more than long-tail keywords are needed. You must optimize the voice search to use full questions and sentences like you have a conversation with real human beings.

It is best to keep the word count of around 30; if the explanation is long, the words should be close to 50. Other good options for voice search keywords are Google’s word completion and “People also ask” aspects, and also look at the sites visited by your target crowd.

Create The FAQ Section

The FAQ page on your website is excellent for your search engine optimization. People come up with many questions, and your site should always be ready with an answer.

There is no better way to fulfil a visitor’s needs than having a full-fledged FAQ page. Write down the questions on one of your website’s pages, followed by the answers. However, your answers should be brief. The “questions” and “answers” are the basic nature of voice search.

Go Multilingual

Your website can have viewers who speak different languages. You need to make sure they can also discover your content. Additionally, your content’s translation quality should be perfect with voice search. Incorporating multiple languages for voice search is the way to go with voice search optimization.

Your website should ensure that you sound like a convincing and reliable source when Google or Siri reads your content.

Use More Native Content

Many voice searches comprise a search for native content. By prioritizing local content, you fulfil the needs of locals who enjoy using your website.

Publishing native content will only bring more organic traffic to your website in the area in which you are based. Local SEO’s importance is great for small and big businesses alike.

Put Yourself In The User’s Shoes

Voice search optimization can become successful only when you can figure out what questions and keyphrases a user is likely to search. After you have made the list of ideas of what your users would be asking, it is crucial to unite the search engine optimization into your site copy to enhance its potential to catch its target users.

Provide Answers To The Five W’s

It is observed that users search for an immediate answer. Thus, any content you make should offer answers to show “who,” “when,” “what,” “where,” and “why.”

Don’t Ease Up On Normal SEO

When paying attention to creating excellent content and doing your regular search engine optimization, you must also prosper in voice search. With this, your website will have a good ranking, high engagement, and excellent domain authority. You can also use schema markup. It not only benefits SEO in general but also voice search SEO.

Take Outside Help

You can also take help from any website development or digital marketing company to help you with voice search optimization. These companies have professionals who can enhance the voice SEO of your website.


Voice search optimization is becoming the next great to-do in the industry. A good voice SEO can boost your website’s ranking.

Implementing these ways will help you get more organic traffic. You might see little results at first, but the above strategies will give an advantage to your website’s SEO over time. So, you should be conscious about voice search and actively work to generate website traffic.