How to Use Effective Employment Training Videos for Smoother Onboarding

Onboarding and employment training videos are meant to make the hiring process, both seasonal employment and permanent, smoother than ever. Having an employment guide is a good place to start, for instance.

But for truly great express employment training, you need more than a great i7 laptop. You need to ensure that the videos that you use are doing the job and delivering the message properly. Otherwise, it is just time wasted.

Why Use Training Videos to Improve Your Onboarding Process?

Training videos are an important part of digital onboarding. Oftentimes, there is an onboarding manager in charge of this process. It is best to have a clearly defined process as well as onboarding forms readily available.

If you are wondering which statement best describes the process of onboarding, it is that onboarding is the introduction an employee has to the company. The goal should be to use that introduction to make important statements and deliver important information. Anything else is a waste of time, money, and resources.

How to Use Effective Employment Training Videos

The key is effectively using these employment training videos. Every company has them but some have become a joke at this point. But when you have a clear, concise training video, employees are able to integrate seamlessly into the job.

Make Your Training Videos Always Available

Corporate training videos – really any employee training video – will likely not stick the first time around. That is okay but it also means spending more time on training than may be necessary. But instead of wasting the time of other employees, why not make sure video production is a high quality and make the videos available at any time.

One of the best resource employment solutions is to give new trainees a login to access the videos whenever they desire. When they have access at any time, they can review the information within whenever they want. That means having a deeper knowledge of the information within the videos and being able to review the information at their own pace. That results in a more effective delivery of information.

Inspire Employee Productivity

Inspiring productivity is one of the great challenges for businesses everywhere. Marginal productivity can drag down a company in a lot of different ways. Measuring employee productivity is becoming a bit more effective though.

Productivity is the amount of goods and services that a business can produce. Generally speaking, productivity increases when employees are happy and content. The key to making them happy and content is a bit difficult, though.

Finding ways to inspire employees is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. But when there are methods used to inspire employees, there tends to be a greater resolve in being more productive. And that is ultimately what leads to a successful business.

Offer Opportunities for Learning

Opportunities are a major part of being an employee for a company. New opportunities can come in all kinds of ways: advancement opportunities, services opportunities, really unlimited work opportunities. It is when those turn into missed opportunities that it becomes a point of frustration and resentment for employees.

Offering those who want to advance the chance to take these opportunities is key. Not everyone is going to want to take them. The good thing is that employers will find out who the best of the best is among employees. And that is what it takes to find the true leaders of tomorrow.

Use Storytelling Techniques

If you really want to make effective training videos, consider storytelling training. There are storytelling templates out there that you can borrow. These storytelling quotes, with elements of storytelling, can really make use of the magic of storytelling.

When it feels like more than a simple training exercise, new employees can feel more engaged. When they are more engaged, the information tends to stick a bit better. And when the information sticks better, it means less asking the same questions repeatedly. All to create a more effective and engaging training video. That’s what it takes to cut out some of the wasted time and energy of traditional training videos.

Create Concise Employment Training Videos

While all of these other elements are an important part of your employment solutions, there is one important thing. The information has to be relayed concisely. When the information is relayed in a clear, concise manner, there is less loss in translation.

Ask any employment group or onboarding specialist. If the information is not clear, then it leads to far more questions. It also leads to a lack of understanding. All of which equates to a better onboarding experience. That is what it takes to cut down on training time and get those new workers into the workforce.


There is a lot that goes into an effective employment onboarding trading video. Yes, you want them to understand the role at hand. But you need to make sure that the video is engaging as well as informative.

Otherwise, what ends up happening is that employees become disengaged and can’t grasp the content. This leads to other employees or even managers having to spend the time training the employee on the things that they should already be trained on. Use the time more effectively by creating better employment onboarding videos. It will greatly benefit the business at the end of the day.

Author name – Liam Mills

Bio – Liam Mills is a Supplier Quality Assurance Manager, expert, and founder of ValueHunta.


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