What Is Kickass Proxy?

Kickass proxy is a site that helps you with back-door access to KAT. The kickass proxy makes your browser appear as if it is based on a location where KAT is legal. It masks your IP address and allows you to access the site.

How To Use Kickass Proxy?

The kickass proxy server is a fantastic site that lets you download multi-category torrents. Unfortunately, the ISP blocks the kickass proxy server, but you can access other kickass proxy servers through the kickass mirror sites.

The file-sharing in the Kickass Proxy is incredible. It shares files without using the central server. However, the kickass proxy was banned, and Artem Vaulin, the owner, was arrested with content piracy allegations in 2016. Kickass proxy helps download movies, games, software, and ebooks.

Is Kickass Proxy Restricted?

Kickass proxy is a restricted site in many countries. If your government has banned Kickass proxy, you will not be able to use it. If you want to use it, you need to know several essential factors and unblock the torrent site.

Different Ways To Use Kickass Proxy Server

There are many countries where the kickass proxy is banned. If you live in one of those countries and still want to use Kickass Proxy, you have to cautiously follow the methods to reduce the chance of being caught by government officials. Here are some of the ways that you can apply.

Use Tor Browser Or Web Proxy

Using the Tor Browser or Web Proxy is probably the best easy to unblock kickass proxy. However, if your country restricts the use of Kickass torrent, then you can follow this way. You can use the 0123putlockers site to unblock the Kickass Proxy server in your country.

But you must be careful about your browser not getting blocked by the ISP. Otherwise, you may have to face problems like slow network, no download encryption, and frequent download interruptions by captcha.

You Can Use Web Proxies

Using Web Proxies is another way to unblock the Kickass proxy server. There are multiple free web proxies that you can use to unblock the kickass proxy server. These free HTTPS will open the proxy for you.

There are some websites that try to block torrent sites automatically. It may create a problem for you. Web proxies avoid the chance of network block. If Kickass Proxy is totally restricted in your country, it would be best if you did not use it. Getting legal action against you for using the Kickass proxy server is not worth it.

Use Tor Browser

Using the Tor browser is very effective in unblocking sites. Tor Browser bundle is freehand; it allows you to divert the traffic of your browser with the use of multiple encrypted proxies. The Tor browser helps you hide your IP address from your visited website and bypass the ISP instantly.

Government authorities may trace your IP address back to you. So you should take safety measures prior to entering the Kickass proxy server. And for a country with extreme caution, it is best if you do not use it at all. The Tor browser is the best when it comes to unblocking kickass.

Change DNS Server

The ISP blocking sometimes happens at the DNS or Domain Name System level. Sometimes the DNS can block your website easily. So, you only need to change the DNS to open the blocked torrent sites.

The quickest way is to make a public DNS. Getting access to torrent sites is easier with a public DNS. Keep in mind to choose the proper methods for unblocking the torrent sites. Be careful not to violate the rules of your country.

Manual DNS Configuration

It is the weakest method for unblocking the Kickass Proxy server in your country. If the ISP block is very low in percentage in your country, then manual DNS configuration may help you. Remember that this method is only effective when the ISP blockage is very minimal in your country, and it is the least effective method.

Is Mediafire Safe?

Mediafire is a file-sharing service with cloud storage. Mediafire, however, does not offer you file encryption. So, it is not totally secure. You should use third-party encryption while using Mediafire.

Final Verdict

Kickass proxy is very fun to use and helpful server. It lets you download a huge amount of multi-category files. But as I mentioned earlier, it is illegal to use it because it promotes piracy of original content. If your country does not ban this server, or if the blockage is not that extreme, you can use any of my methods to unblock the kickass torrent.


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