Know the Great Tips to Become a Great Java Developer in 2021

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From the title itself, you must have got an idea, what are we going to talk about. Becoming a Java developer is a matter of great responsibility while contributing towards profitable website and app development.

There are countless tips and tricks available to get the required knowledge of becoming a professional and productive Java developer. Here, you will get to know the same but different in terms of acquiring a few technical knowledge important for the developer.

Follow 10 Tips to Become an Innovative Java Developer in 2021

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to the point and discuss the tips, skills, tools, and things you need to know and learn first.

  1. Start with Getting Knowledge of Spring Framework

Making a career in Java development is incomplete without having the knowledge of Spring Framework. It is an essential and significant component of Java application development which is highly used by companies to develop web apps or microservices.

For a Java developer, it is important to get familiarize with different components of Spring Framework that perform specific functions.

  1. Spring Boot: It provides the capabilities to successfully build and run web applications.
  2. Spring Security: It serves proper authentication, registration, login, authorization, and more.
  3. Spring Data: It provides a seamless abstraction for data access.
  4. Spring AOP: It provides a way to include annotations to control declaratively multiple aspects of code behaviour.

Want to become a Java developer, then you need to know the above.

  1. Learn JVM Internals

Java does not exist without JVM (Java Virtual Machine). It is a runtime engine that allows developers to run an application on multiple platforms. So, you need to have complete knowledge of JVM to enter the world of professional Java developers.

The primary function of JVM is profiling and finding bottlenecks in the application. It allows developers to get rid of the functionality issues and make sure the app runs well on multiple operating systems.

  1. Learn Microservices

Application architecture can never be the same. It keeps on changing with diverse industrial requirements. Some companies have moved from huge applications to Microservices due to technical advancement and seamless performance.

In connection to the above, a professional Java developer should have complete knowledge and skill of Microservices. It is important for you to invest your time and effort in learning the same and become a highly competitive Java developer. For reference, Spring Cloud and Spring Boot are two frameworks available to simplify Microservices in Java.

  1. Need to Learn Kotlin

It is important for would-be and the existing Java developers to learn something extra and stay in productive shape for long. For you, it would be great to learn a new JVM language that is Kotlin. It is from the JetBrains company, mainly responsible for developing Android-based applications. There is no doubt in the fact that learning Kotlin will increase your productivity in the Andriod app development area.

  1. Get a Better Hang of IDE

A professional Java developer is aware of all Java tools and know-how to operate the same. Similarly, there are multiple tools available for IDE like Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA. It is important for any newbie or a professional developer to have complete knowledge of these tools, know how to operate and make exceptional use out of the same.

  1. Need to Know JDK 8 & JDK 15 Features

As we have already pointed out the constant changes in technology at the beginning of this article. In a similar fashion, Java gets updated every 6 six and a new version appears to enhance the application development.

Now, with every new version update, new features are added. So, to become a professional Java developer, you should know the current version and the older version differences and features. At present, you must be aware of Java 8 features and having the skills to develop a result-oriented application on the same platform.

  1. Get DevOps Tools

Learning DevOps has become an important matter for Java developers to adopt the current scenario of continuous improvement and integration. These days, DevOps has become an integral part of the Java application development ecosystem. And, Java developers should know how it helps in enhancing the development tasks to an optimum extent.

  1. Have Knowledge of Unit Testing

Testing is a crucial factor in the world of application development. Without strategic and comprehensive testing, you cannot ascertain the performance of your app.

In connection with Java, developers should have knowledge of Unit Testing techniques that separate their profile from good developers to average developers. Thus, you should be having the knowledge regarding unit testing, especially tools like Junit which is the best library, to begin with.

  1. Learn Design Patterns

A professional Java developer should have the required knowledge of design patterns. It is essential at the time of incorporating necessary changes in the code and to improve the performance and quality of Java applications. It also helps Java developers to find quick solutions to various application problems easily.

  1. Knowledge of APIs and Libraries

Last but not least is having full-fledged knowledge and skills of several Java libraries and APIs to resolve the problems with ease. For your reference, you should be aware of some notable APIs like JSON processing, Jackson and Gson, Mockito, XML processing, Junit, and more.

Summing Up

That’s all from our side to let you know what it takes to become a pro-Java developer and what all skills, technologies, and tools you should be aware of. Also, note the fact that the above tips will not last long because new additions will be there with changing times, updates in technologies, and diversification in preference.

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