Moldavites are claimed to be alien gemstones as they are born with the stars, and they are formed with the fusion of terrestrial silica under intense heat and pressure. They appear from transparent to translucent and range between 5.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale toughness. This stone symbolizes transformation, fortune, and protection.

Moldavite crystal is a natural and rare stone that ranges from forest green to olive-green were, actually the meteorites’ impact that occurred 14.8 million years ago. They are the perfect gift to the environment, and the only source to find these crystals is the Czech Republic. The Moldau River in the Czech has the largest deposits of these gemstones. Due to the increasing demand and limited supply of these gemstones, their prices are also increasing.

Healing properties of the Moldavite

  1. Moldavite jewelry is one of the beneficial crystals to be worn mainly; it doesn’t have any connection with any zodiac sign, and anyone can wear it.
  2. Wearing the Moldavite ring balances heart chakra, giving immense control over the emotional desires. Moreover, it protects the heart and allows the person to be happy and healthy.
  3. This gemstone is used as a guiding gemstone, and the power of this crystal transmits psychic messages from the guarding angles.
  4. Many people wear it to awaken their spiritual and personal growth. It even keeps the person away from the negative energies and evil eyes.
  5. Keeping the moldavite crystals in pockets or in bags also helps uplift life and rediscover its true capabilities.

Tips for identifying the stone

Many sellers sell fake moldavite crystals in the name of real stone. So, one needs to be very careful before buying these gemstones. Here are a few points that would help you decide the difference, so let us know them.


Moldavite has a rough surface and has a bubble, thread-like inclusion on the surface. These are worm-like inclusion which is called the Lechatlierite.


The natural Moldavite is a dull mossy green color, and it can vary to dark forest green color. Therefore, the glass crystal will appear different as they would be green synthetic glass. Moreover, if you see any wet-looking shiny surface, then it would most probably be the fake one.


One can quickly feel the sensation of the stone in the hands and body. It is the heatstone and has the energies of the moon and stars in it. The fake stone would not make you feel the same, and you can identify it.

Ask about the origin.

You can ask your seller about the place of origin of the stone, and if they say something other than the Czech Republic, then it would be a fake one because it is only found in one place in the whole world.

Keep the stone in the moonlight.

Take your jewelry item like the Moldavite Ring in a bowl and keep it near the window, which comes in contact with moonlight. Try to do this on a full moon day as the more light, the more your stone would be recharged.

Where to buy this gemstone from?

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