Paul Haarman lists four common investment options for beginners

Personal investment is all about various techniques of growing your savings to fulfill some life goals as life progresses, and you become wealthier in the process. Where you put in your money matters most in achieving high yields within the desired timeframe, says Paul Haarman, and better are the investment techniques; higher will be the returns. The earlier you start investing quicker, the more you will return, and the higher growth through re-investments.

Therefore, it is wrong to think that investment suits only the wealthy and aged who are in the advanced stages of their career, having already amassed wealth and trying to grow it further. Today’s wealthy people enjoy the returns from their planned investments that they had begun quite early in their careers. It takes some time and good planning to multiply your money, and you must be aware of the various investment options.


Certificates of the deposit is a safe option, says Paul Haarman

Known as CD, a certificate of deposit is a savings account that offers fixed interest for a specified period, and the saving is covered by federal insurance.  This type of investment helps to meet some life goals in the long run, like a wedding or making a down payment for a home. This is a highly safe investment with the term of deposit varying between 1, 3, and 5 years that suits those who have time for growing their money to use it for some specific purpose at a later date. Online banks and credit unions offer CDs with the best interest rates and invest in CD only if you can avoid its pre-mature withdrawal that entails some fees.

Government bonds

Normally governments (municipal and federal) borrow money from the public and issue bonds against which they pay interest over a fixed period, explains Paul Haarman. Unlike CDs, government bonds can have a much longer tenure between 1 and 30 tears. Bonds generate a steady stream of income and are known as fixed-income security. If you are looking for risk-free investment, then government bonds are for you because it has the full backing of the US government. However, the returns from government bonds are low as compared to other types of investments and best for conservative investors.

Bullion Box Investment:

It is one free from any and all harm venture that you can’t disregard, particularly as the worldwide market is dubious and the rising swelling is an aggravation that never disappears. A bullion box which contains an assortment of valuable metal bullion coins, rounds, bars, and curated things.

Money market funds

Money market mutual funds are financial instruments used for buying a bouquet of short-term but high-quality banks, corporate or government debt. These funds are different from money market accounts which are nothing but bank savings accounts. The investment is suitable for those who want to reap quick dividends while taking some calculated market risks. These funds create investment portfolios that are safer than stocks.

Mutual funds

A mutual fund collects money from investors and uses it for buying bonds, stocks, or other assets.  It is an inexpensive way for investors to diversify their investments across various investments so that they can cover the losses from any particular investment.

Mutual funds give an indirect exposure to the stock markets while enjoying high returns without shouldering the risks of investing in the stock markets directly.

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