Title: 8 Steps of the Sales Process That Lead to Higher Sales

In this article, we will have a look over the 8 steps of the sales process leading to higher sales. The sales process can be defined as the steps that need to be followed by the sales team while dealing with the customers with the help of sales force automation software. The sales cycle starts right before the sales, before making customer contact and continues till the sales are made and even after-sales.

A proper sales process through the after-sales services software covers all the major requirements and elements to have appropriate customer interaction from initiating to selling to maintaining. The sales process is crucial for every business unit as it helps you to understand every step of the pipeline, develop strategies for effective sales and marketing, sending prospects to buyers, onboard new hires while expanding teams and much more. Having a well-planned and well-thought sales process helps to create long-lasting relationships with the customers resulting in lifetime values, more referrals, increased profit and much more.

The sales processes are normally decided according to the requirements of the business, still, we are here with a few of the general steps that are followed by most of the businesses to improve the sales process in the point of sale software. Depending on the business and sales requirements, there might be changes in these steps or some variations may be included accordingly.

  1. List and generate leads:

Before your first sales, you need to make a list of people to sell products to with the help of salesforce automation software. Hence the first step to perform here is generating the leads. At this point, a list is prepared and research is carried out to collect all the related data and contact details. The sales representatives usually depend on social media accounts, networks, customer referrals and other data to collect the leads. Various tools are used to verify the accuracy of data. If you already have a good collection of customer data, you can invest time in generating customer profiles and identify the customer segments. The customer groups can be divided accordingly and it becomes easy for the sales teams to target each group effectively. Also, different methods and strategies can be used to outreach each group as per the preferences.

  1. Contact leads:

Every new email sent or a new call made to the listed leads is the first step of starting a new relationship. At this point, you create your first impression and hence it becomes critical to make people aware of all the benefits and advantages of your products and services in the point of sale software.

Using the background knowledge or the list of leads to becoming relevant, accurate and personable helps to create a great impression. Make sure to provide value to the leads and not just act as a salesperson who is trying to sell products and increase sales.

  1. List and ask specific questions:

It is important to ask quality questions at the time of the initial call or in the first email generated through the after-sales services software. The questions should be well designed to make sure that you are in direct contact with the person who is going to make a purchase. In the questions, you can include such as asking their requirements, knowing their preferences, knowing their dislikes, and many others. At this point, you must ask questions that can let you understand how the specific lead will get benefits from your products or services. Whether they are ready to become your customer, are they ready to make instant purchases or do you need to wait till they decide it?

  1. Give demo of your products:

Setting up a detailed and well-explained demo of your products with the help of salesforce automation software helps the customers to understand your delivery better. You can opt for anyone, be it meeting a person or using the video facility to record and show to users. Make sure to prepare well as it leads to better delivery of information. If the customers receive a personalized demo of the products and feel that their requirements are fulfilled, they tend to purchase faster. Inform the users of the benefits that they miss out on by not purchasing or not using your products or services.

  1. Listen and solve doubts:

After giving a detailed explanation, the leads might have a few questions or doubts or just a few things to say before making the purchase. Hence it becomes your duty to listen to them, understand their perspective and provide better opportunities. Listening to the leads helps to understand their point of view and make the sales even better with the help of after-sales services software.

  1. Make the deal:

Now, after explaining everything and solving the doubts of the leads, you are almost ready to make the deal. But before making any deal, it is important to create the proposal, negotiate the details as well as make confirm decisions on both sides. This is the point when you get ready to make the final deal.

  1. Final delivery:

The deal does not end with the closing. It is often beneficial if the same representative who made the deal continues and takes care of the final delivery of the product and stays with the customer at the time of on boarding. This helps to create a sense of continuity and generates a developed relationship. The on boarding process includes the solutions and support for the customer. Not only has it become easy for the sales team but also the customers. This helps to turn the customer happy and keep him for the long term.

  1. Final after-sales support and reviews:

One of the biggest mistakes is made by the sales representatives at this point. After completing the sales, the salespeople tend to forget to follow up with the customers, but this step is equally important to maintain long term relationships with the buyer and keep them loyal to your business.

When you are adding new customers, it becomes important to support them, answer all their questions and stay in contact. The software opens the lines of communication and keeps the channel open for everyone. After the product gets delivered, the customer uses it, then it becomes important to check whether they are satisfied with it or not. This is the perfect time to ask for their reviews, feedback or suggestions regarding the products or services.


These were 8 simple steps of the sales process that help to lead to higher sales with the help of salesforce automation software.

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