Top Secret to Score High Score as Topper in NEET

The common question among NEET aspirants is how to score high NEET to get admission to the top medical college. If you want to excel in the NEET exam, the rigorous study plan for NEET is essential to start your preparation journey. You can achieve your big dream of acing the NEET competition.

Success cannot be achieved overnight! Students need to effectively design their study strategy for the NEET exam to score 600+ in the highly competitive NEET exam. 500+ is also considered a decent score in NEET, and you can get an MBBS seat in a good medical college in India. The success mantra for NEET is extensive preparation of the entire NEET syllabus.

To score above 600, you must complete 150 questions correctly, and here don’t forget the negative marking.

Every year lakhs of students participate in this exam. Some get through it, while most couldn’t reach the passing candidates’ list. Every student needs an efficiently carved study strategy for the NEET to grab a high score in the NEET exam.

Here are some NEET exam tips for covering a vast NEET syllabus in a limited time to grab high scores.

Aware of Exam Pattern

The total mark for the NEET exam is 720; to score high in NEET, you need to go beyond 600 marks. Physics and Chemistry each have two sections. Section A comprises 35 questions, and section B has 15 questions. In section B, you have to take only 10 questions. Thus, there are a total of 45 questions in Physics and Chemistry. Biology has 90 questions. Each question in NEET 2023 is for 4 marks, and the total number of questions in the examination is 180.

To be a topper in NEET requires dedication and consistent hard work.

You might need clarification about the books to conceptualize the topics. Apart from NCERT, you can refer to any good books as suggested by your mentors. Have a solid grip over the syllabus of class 11 and 12 PCB. Multiple study sources often build confusion; clarify the NCERT concept for grades 11 & 12. You have 2 years in advance to prepare for the NEET.

Make a realistic study plan for NEET. Allot relevant time to each preparation section, such as studying concepts, solving questions, doubt clearance, and revision to ensure everything is covered.

Revise Previous and Mock Tests

Solving mock tests and sample papers is essential under ideal exam scenarios. Solving 150 questions a day is a success mantra for the NEET exam. First, learn the topic and solve as many questions as possible to improve your time management and accuracy.

Examine the question and the solution whenever you ask a new question. You can gain conceptual understanding, logical abilities, mental clarity, and problem-solving confidence.

NEET mock test is challenging, and you can use mentors’ help to identify the critical areas of weak points and minimize the negative markings. Moreover, to be included in toppers in NEET, you must avoid making mistakes and losing marks.

Topic Wise Preparation

Split your study time and give more time to the topic which is difficult for you. Don’t ignore any topic, as it can backfire in the exam. Try to finish the topic in the assigned time. Physics needs more time to solve numerical, understanding, and remembering formulae. Chemistry is scoring but less time-consuming.

In comparison, Biology is vast and needs more time for studying. Set a limit for each subject. Create a diligent study strategy for the NEET exam so you can have enough time for practice and revision.

Many students failed to execute their study plans and couldn’t pass NEET. Topper in NEET follows study plan consistently with complete dedication and motivation.

Prefer to Make Short Notes

Short notes are handy during revision. Write briefly about the concept, chapter highlights, formulae, quick diagrams, mnemonics, etc., to avoid stress before the exam. Reading the book before the exam is practically impossible! You can refer to short notes for quick revision before the exam. Short notes are the best learning techniques to enhance your  NEET exam preparation.

Practice Time Management

Toppers in NEET emphasize smart working more than hard working. Your long hours of studying are useless if you skip the revision cycle and practice questions. To retain learning, revision, doubt clearance, and practice are essential. Without a base and pillars, you cannot build the roof. Stick to the study plan and take necessary breaks in between. Don’t spend extra time on paper than the specified time limit; otherwise, you will lose track and mess with the exam.  Each question carries an equal mark, so you can try the easy one first and solve the difficult questions later.

The helpful NEET exam tip is to organize your time during the exam. You can start with Biology and then Chemistry to save extra time for Physics.

Solving Questions – Set Time Limit

In a NEET exam, you have to solve 180 questions in 3 hours and 20 minutes. If you aim to be in toppers in NEET, you must have to attempt 150+ questions correctly. Keep Important formulas, equations, definitions, and concepts at your fingertips to quickly attempt the questions with accuracy. It saves you valuable time and allows you to focus on more complex questions.

Read the questions carefully to avoid any mistakes. Practice sets and mock tests help you become familiar with different questions.

Scoring high in the NEET exam is simple if you consistently follow the study plan for NEET, create a learning strategy, and practice your learning regularly.

Develop your Speed and Accuracy

Mock tests simulate a real-time NEET exam environment with time constraints. Previous years’ question papers and sample papers help to get acquainted with the exam pattern.

Work on your basics, polish your skills in solving various questions, use short tricks for calculation, and enhance time-saving techniques to improve your speed. Don’t spend too much time on a single question. However, you can start with easy questions to save time for difficult ones. Shortcuts methods and tricks solve physics calculations quickly and save your time.

You can learn many short tricks and time-saving learning techniques under the guidance of an expert mentorship.

Seek Mentors for Doubt Clarifications

Traditional classroom environments, group courses, study materials, and personal mentorship analyze your progress, identify weak areas, and provide targeted guidance to maximize your potential. Aspirants can seek neet long-term coaching assistance for the right guidance and support throughout the NEET preparation. You can solve various questions, ask questions, seek doubt clearance, and discuss your doubts without hesitation to understand complex concepts. Toppers in NEET solve more mock and practice tests for effective learning and improving speed.

Stay Positive mind & Confident

Solve a variety of questions to identify areas of improvement and confidence levels. Spend time in sports and recreational activities to relieve stress, improves blood flow, and provide essential nutrients to the brain. Proper nutrition and rest calm our body and mind. A positive mindset boosts your level of concentration and your efforts of preparation.  Be healthy and stay motivated during NEET preparation to maintain a body-mind equilibrium and avoid health risks.

Wrap Up

You can surely ace the exam with good planning, strategies, and a positive mindset. The key to scoring good marks in the NEET exam is to stay focused on the study plan, practice questions, and revision of topics. Expert learning techniques can help you to finish your learning and assignments on schedule. Easy tips, short notes, and short tricks help you to manage time efficiently during the exam.

You can surely ace the NEET exam by applying good planning, strategies, habits of toppers, and a positive mindset.


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