Why choose used bikes over new bikes?

We all want any source of transportation to go to college or office. Also, when we travel to a new city, we wish to have a vehicle so that we can travel easily to our places. So when we are thinking of having a two-wheeler, we get many options in new and used bikes. Both new and used bikes have their advantages and disadvantages but used bikes these days are most preferable. Many of the youngsters are fond of having sports bike like KTM, Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Kawasaki etc. These are pretty expensive but if one has a passion for such bikes, you can go for used or second-hand bikes.

India has turned out to be one of the biggest two-wheeler markets in the world. There is a soaring demand for bikes in the Indian market. You can easily sell and purchase a second-hand bike. You can easily get second hand KTM bike in Delhi or other places. You can find second-hand bikes on online platforms and can easily compare the prices, mileage, condition, color, model and other related details about the vehicle. Many online platforms will act as an intermediary and will refurbish the bike for you. Investing in the new one will cost you huge bucks, so here investing in a second-hand vehicle is the right choice. Because you can get the same second-hand bike at half price.

Also, it is important to consider some pointers before investing in the second-hand bike and they are mentioned below:

  • Get in touch with a reputed selling company- It is important to find a reputed company who deals in second hand used vehicles. The reputed company makes sure that they are providing the best to their clients’ at the best possible price. They make sure of the insurance, post-care support and other services which adds value to the vehicle. Also, a reputed company will make sure that you get all the documents along with the vehicle.
  • Bike at half prices- Doesn’t it sounds amazing that you will get your favorite bike at almost half price. You have to set your budget before making a choice. You can also ask the experts for the same as they will help you to get you the best according to your purpose, budget, bike style etc.
  • Mechanical check-ups- Make sure to get your used bike checked after regular intervals. Check around the engine area to figure out any oil leaks. Also, if the oil is brown, there is rust so that requires immediate replacement. Sometimes the mileage meter is tempered to show the less area covered by the bike, so this can be assessed by looking into the tyre’s condition. Also, make sure to check on the wheels, exhaust pipe, accessories, accessories provided, electrical and battery, clutch, chassis, breaks, air cleaner, spark plug, gears etc.
  • Paperwork- Once you get the bike you want, makes sure to get all the documents with it. the main documents include registration certificate (RC book), tax certificate, valid insurances, pollution under control, full-service history, No objection certificate, bike manual copy etc.
  • Negotiate price- Once you get a bike of your choice, you should calculate the estimated price considering the depreciation and should consider the actual price of the new bike. Clarify these parameters before agreeing to the price, paperwork, and payment.

To conclude, buying a used two wheeleris undoubtedly a great deal. If you are enjoying the benefits through a company then it becomes easier. Take time and decide on which option you wish to avail yourself.

Now if you are still thinking to invest in a new bike, the following points will help in changing your mind towards a used bike:

  • Facilitates affordability and savings- The advantage of a second used bike is that it is affordable and induces savings. You can get your preferred bike at less possible cost. You can get the top models at preferably fewer costs and you can enjoy all the features.
  • Depreciation- When we purchase a new bike, its value decreases by 20% in the first year. So in about 2-3 years, it will lose about 50% of its total value. So it is better to invest in a used bike as it won’t depreciate its value. So before making any decision, make sure to calculate the depreciation considering the brand, vehicle condition and performance.
  • Not need to pay registration and other fees- When we buy a new bike, we have to come across many expenses such as one-time registration fees, road taxes and other RTO charges. So when you will go for used cars, you need not incur these charges. This in turn will get full value for your money and you do not need to spend anything extra.
  • Pre-installed accessories- When we buy a new vehicle, we make sure to install the films to cover, alloy wheels etc. But when you invest in used bikes, you will get all these accessories with the vehicle. So you need not spend any extra penny on the purchased vehicle.
  • Contribute to the environment- When you purchase a used vehicle, you do well for the environment. Getting a used vehicle will reduce the carbon footprint. It will reduce the wastage in the environment hence you will automatically participate in a green environment.

So above are some of the advantages of investing in a used vehicle. The best part is that you can get all the models of bikes like Yamaha, Royal Enfield, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM second hand bike in Delhi and other places too. To conclude, the second-hand vehicle is undoubtedly a great deal. When in dilemma, it is important to search on the internet for the prices and the models. Also, it is important to find the purpose for which you need a vehicle. Make sure that you get all the documents that are important with the bike. These documents will act as proof that you own the bike. Also, if buying online, make sure to choose the best providers.


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