6 Most Common Water Purifier Problems & Their Possible Solutions

Nowadays water purifiers have become one of the most commonly used appliances in most houses. However, people are so busy in today’s world that they have very little time and energy to go for time-consuming processes like boiling and other stuff. So it’s better if you install a Normal or copper water purifier for your home. This will save you from the trouble of boiling and cooling down water for cooking and drinking purposes.

Moreover, it will work for at least 4 to 5 years without any trouble once you buy one. However, don’t expect it to work for more than a year or two without proper maintenance. Therefore, after a certain period, you might notice specific problems in your water purifier.

Today, we have come up with a guide that would help you quickly identify the problems and get them fixed, either by yourself or by a professional.

Understanding The Common Water Purifier Problems & Their Easy Solutions

As you know, the most common types of water purifiers that people prefer to use are RO and UV purifiers. This is because they are designed so that they can purify the impure source water from all harmful impurities.

However, we often face some minor problems after using the RO water purifier for quite some time. Check out the following issues and know how you can solve them:

Unusual Metallic Taste & Foul Odor In The Drinking Water

Have you recently noticed that your drinking water has a metallic taste and bad smell? One of the primary reasons behind this is the formation of sediment layers on the biofilm in your water purifier. A biofilm is nothing but a layer of organic and inorganic material that you often see on the surface of a water purifier. It is mainly because of this layer of impurities, the level of contaminants rises in the water.

So what is the possible solution for this? Well, there’s nothing to worry about as you can solve this problem very easily. You just need to replace the clogged filters or membrane. Once they are changed, you will again be able to enjoy the same purified water from your water purifier.

Reduction In The Speed Of The Water Flow

People using water purifiers for a long time often face this problem. However, there is nothing to worry about as you can easily solve the problem. If you notice that your water purifier releases drinking water at a languid speed, it is probably due to low water pressure or low volume.

If you have an RO purifier, you must know that it needs around 40 to 60 PSI to operate properly. So if there are some issues in the pressure or problems in the storage tank, the speed can get reduced. Therefore, in such cases, you can get a professional technician’s help from your water purifier service center and get the filters replaced.

Leakage Of Water From Purifier’s Faucet Or Membrane

When your purifier is not fixed properly, you can notice water leakage from the purifier’s faucet. To ensure that the pure water is not wasted, you need to resolve the issue by repairing the ill-fitted part of the water purifier system. Check if any part of the purifier needs to be fitted tightly.

At the same time, this issue can also be found in the water purifier’s filter or membrane. This can happen because of an O-ring, a soft rubber ring that prevents water from leaking. So in such cases, you can also call the service center engineer to check if the valve is properly closed.

Storage Tank Does Not Fill Up

You might sometimes notice that your storage tank that comes with the water purifier is not filling up at its usual speed. One of the primary reasons is clogged filters due to impurities and sediments that block the membrane’s pores. At the same time, the tank can get ruptured or damaged; then, you need to replace the tank immediately.

So if you are wondering how you can solve this problem, you can contact the water purifier service center and seek expert advice from the technicians.

System That Runs Without Stopping

Often, people face this kind of problem when the shut-off valve does not close properly or is broken in any way. As a result, the water does not stop flowing even after switching it off, thereby wasting a lot of water in the process. Suppose you want to solve the problem; you need to measure the pressure in the storage tank. Accordingly, you can replace the check valve if it’s broken or damaged.

Vibrations Or Noise In The System

This is one of the most common problems that people face while using a water purifier. For instance, if you use a RO water purifier, it can become noisy over time due to some internal malfunctioning.

It is primarily because the continuous movement and increase in friction take a toll on the health of these parts, which at times makes them noisy and produces high vibrations. Do not worry, as it is a temporary issue and will be alright after specific fixes.

Summing it Up 

As we conclude, we can say that the above points are some of the most common problems people face while using a water purifier. However, there is nothing to worry about as you can fix it yourself if there are minor issues. If you cannot understand the technicalities, you can contact the nearest water purifier companies for advice.


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