Advantages of AI-Powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants Over Basic Chatbots

AI-Powered Intelligence

In this era of advanced technology, the use of bots has become extremely common. These bots not only make different work processes easy but also reduce the operational costs of organizations. Companies and organizations across the globe nowadays rely on advanced bots to increase efficiency in different operations. One of the most common uses of advanced bots is using them as virtual chat assistants. It helps organizations to offer a more efficient service to the customers while reducing costs.

However, traditional chatbot technology used to have different loopholes, leading to the opportunity to improvise them using advanced AI technology. Nowadays, companies across the globe rely on AI-powered intelligent virtual assistants over basic chatbots. Here are the advantages of AI-driven chatbot development services over traditional and basic chatbots.

Why are AI-powered chatbots needed over basic chatbots?

It is all about offering a superior service to the customers and solving their issues in an engaging way. When customers interact with basic chatbots, there are different drawbacks that they need to face. The reasons behind this kind of inconvenience are lack of training, testing, analyzing and personalization. Traditional chatbots often offer incorrect responses and dissatisfaction to the consumers, which leads to a reduced customer satisfaction affecting the overall reputation of a company.

Most basic chatbots are only designed to answer specific FAQs and simple queries in a step-by-step style process. These bots are not developed with natural language processing training which means they lack the expertise to facilitate human-like contextual conversations. In most scenarios, basic chatbots are not tested covering all aspects, which also leads to a poor interface.

Customer service or interaction is an important part of customer satisfaction and to offer that, chatbots must surpass multiple limitations. For example, basic chatbots are incapable of handling sentiments or responding to real-time chats, which can cause frustration and irritation among customers. That’s the main reason why traditional chatbots needed an advancement that is now done by using advanced AI technology.

By utilizing conversational AI technology, companies nowadays are able to offer superior service and convenience to their customers as well as to the employees in case of in-house inquiries. This scenario is increasing the demand for AI-powered chatbot development services across the globe as more and more companies are choosing Intelligent Virtual Assistants over traditional chatbots.

What are the advantages of Intelligent Virtual Assistants over Chatbots? 

  • Maximum convenience

There is a huge difference between conversational AI-powered chatbots and traditional chatbots. The primary motive for installing chatbots for customer support is to provide customers with maximum convenience by answering their queries and offering an engaging conversation. This satisfaction cannot be offered by traditional basic chatbots as those have multiple limitations that can lead to dissatisfaction among the customers. With Virtual Assistants, customers don’t need to wait in an endless phone queue as this advanced technology is able to offer immediate answers to the consumers without leaving the website or app. It means that virtual assistants do not disrupt the digital journey of consumers while offering them customer support services. Also, if a customer comes with an issue that it’s too complex for a virtual assistant, it can initiate a human agent without offering any inconvenience to the customer. On the other hand, Virtual Assistants are programmed to offer quick answers to queries that cannot be matched by human capabilities. A fast and accurate response, indeed, enhances convenience to the customers.

  • Understand complex quarries 

Unlike basic chatbots, IVAs are intelligent enough to understand complex questions and respond to voice or text inputs. This technology is capable of understanding the sentiments, whereas basic chatbots can only answer some pre-programmed questions in a Q-and-A format. The technology of conversational AI helps these virtual assistants to be more personalized, contextual and intelligent. This technology is an amazing combination of machine learning, speech recognition and natural language processing technology which allow IVAs to understand complex messages depending on the context and figure out the best responses depending on the user inputs. IVAs are designed to offer a human-like personalized conversational experience to the customers so that not only do their queries get solved, but the customer satisfaction index of the company gets increased. In addition to all the functionalities of a traditional chatbot, a virtual intelligent assistant can also engage customers in small talk, hold and resume conversations and respond to an unidentified request that is not pre-programmed.

  • 24/7 customer service

AI-driven chatbots can offer 24/7 assistance to your customers regardless of whether it is day or night. By deploying a virtual assistant, you don’t need to take any headaches about the customer support service of your company, even outside of your operating hours. It will allow customers from different time zones to reach out to you.

  • Cost-effective

AI-powered virtual assistants help companies to reduce their operational costs. It reduces the demand for human agents for customer support purposes. According to the surveys, virtual assistants can resolve the queries of customers 60% of the time. So, you will need your professional advisors only in case of too complex queries. Virtual Assistants also get all the initial details of the customers’ queries before escalating them to the professional human agent. This technology reduces the confusion in the procedure and also allows your professional advisors to help the customers without any difficulties. Deploying Virtual Assistants is not only and amazing time-saving option, but also it is a cost-saving option on which companies are relying nowadays.

  • Multidimensional use

Besides offering unmatched convenience to the customers, virtual assistants can be used for different purposes, such as answering the employees’ queries within no time so that the workflow remains static, especially in the time of any operational changes within the company structure. This technology can be used for IT support, marketing and digital commerce, in-house team management as well.


AI-powered virtual assistants are the future of conversation processes and that’s why every AI development company across the globe is working on the advancement of this technology. It is the right time to choose IVA over basic chatbots to enhance customer satisfaction and smoothen in-house operations.