The pandemic is worsening with time. According to CNBC, the World Health Organization has stated that the world must expect the coronavirus to stay just like the flu. From travel restrictions to simple dine-in restaurants, all require Covid Certificate Verification. Other than being vaccinated, citizens and residents are obliged to maintain social distance while wearing masks.

The Need for COVID Certificate Verification

The rise in vaccination has created havoc in the health care sector. On the other hand, a ban on tourism and travel without a COVID vaccine certificate has put individuals in compromising situations. Citizens and residents aren’t able to travel to their home countries and those stuck in their home countries are left without a job.

Everyone wants to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Hence, fraudsters are taking advantage of the situation. For example, in recent news cybercriminals generated fake vaccine cards with the logo of CDC or Britain’s National Health Service. They were selling it on digital platforms for a priced value but, thankfully, were caught red-handed.

Many countries have now imposed fines on day-to-day tasks without vaccination cards. For example, petrol stations, dine-in or takeaway restaurants, cinemas, schools, and universities must provide coronavirus certificate verification. In addition to the rise in death rates and infected people, the coronavirus pandemic has shifted businesses and educational sectors on digital platforms. This means that manual verification of COVID tests and vaccines cannot be performed anymore.

Additionally, there are millions of inbound and outbound passengers that are required to show COVID vaccine certificate verification. Standing in long queues is tiring and time-consuming.

Considering all these issues, organizations must adopt digital COVID vaccine certificate verification.

Digital Vaccine Certificate Verification

The mind-blowing abilities of artificial intelligence have made it possible to perform digital vaccine certificate verification. The global authorities are aiming to create a safe and healthy environment for individuals to travel to public places. The process of coronavirus vaccine certificate verification is similar to COVID certificate verification. But the process requires identity verification prior to verifying the vaccine certificate.

Data extraction

Data is extracted from all documents that are asked to be uploaded. For example, for identity verification, documents such as passports, ID cards, COVID test reports, and vaccine certificates are required. Then, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software extracts information from these documents and stores them in the back office.

Document verification

Multiple artificial intelligence algorithms are designed to detect any photoshop or tampering in the documents. In addition, the documents are checked for any forgery and photoshop techniques. The holograms, MRZ codes, document edge detection, inks, and prints are all verified.

Biometric verification

Then the picture on the documents is verified prior to digital COVID certificate verification. The user is required to click a selfie and upload. The biometrics on the picture provided and the picture on the documents are correlated for any fake checks. Skin texture, the size between the eyes, etc., is performed in deep checks. This procedure prevents identity theft frauds from taking place.

Covid Certificate Verification

After the identity of the individual is verified, digital COVID vaccine certificate verification takes place. Here also OCR helps in extracting information from the COVID test report and vaccination card. The data is acquired by scanning the QR code.

The code contains simple details such as the name of the patient, the date vaccination was conducted, and the name of the vaccination center. The information collected is verified by cross-checking it through government available reports. Digital COVID certificate verification ensures that the test was taken 48 hours before departure and was taken from government-approved labs.

Benefits of COVID Vaccine Certificate Verification and Coronavirus Certificate Verification

  1. Error-free: Human errors are eradicated with the incorporation of digital COVID vaccine certificate verification.
  2. Fast verification: Standing in long queues is tiring and a waste of time. Covid certification verifies that the procedure takes just seconds to minutes.
  3. Accurate: Verifications must be performed with high accuracy, and digital certificate vaccine verification makes sure that the reports are accurately verified.

Final Thoughts

The demand for vaccinations is rising, and so is the need for COVID vaccine certificate verification. The healthcare regulations aim to rule coronavirus out of the world. This is why businesses must adopt innovative technologies to assist the world to get rid of this deadly virus.


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