How you can use QR Codes in Hotels for different purposes?


Nowadays, QR Codes have been used in various sectors whether it’s in malls, medical shops, food stores, and many more. Similarly, in the hospitality sector, QR Codes are used in hotels as well as play an important role in sharing information about safety and health measures. There is a visitor registration QR code that registers the guests in a hotel and these QR codes also offer great opportunities for hotels to drive revenue, easy method to access information, and others. Hence, in this post, we are giving you details regarding using QR codes in Hotels for different purposes.

1. Promote events

One of the main attractions of any hotel is to engage guests in events or activities in a hotel. So, including a QR code on posters and brochures makes it easy for guests to have an overview of the upcoming events. You can customize the code and include the event description, date and time of the event, contact person, and much more information.

2. Digital menu

There are many hotels that are using advanced technology and introducing contactless interior changes, food orders, automatic laundry, and others. So, you can include QR codes in hotel room catalogs. This will redirect guests to the digital menu of a hotel. With a QR code, guests can order anything easily of their choice with a custom button that alerts the staff.

3. Collect feedback from guests

It is very important for the hospitality industry to get feedback from the customer so that they can know about their services. QR codes being a contactless visitor management system help hotel administrators to collect and classify feedback as well as reviews in an efficient manner. This is widely reckoned because paper feedback form at the concierge is tiring for guests and is an old way to collect feedback or opinions. On the other hand, if there is a need to add or remove anything on the questionnaire, then it can be edited easily at any time without reprinting the QR Code.

4. Loyalty programs for members

Many guests love to visit the property again if they get good services. So, QR codes can be leveraged to take in loyalty programs for new as well as returning guests. You can encourage them to become members of the hotel loyalty program at a discounted rate by using a QR code. In addition to this, one more way to include QR codes for loyalty programs is by printing them on the flyers and brochures as print media advertisements like ‘Scan QR code to get 15% off.’

# Final Words

So, one of the main factors for the usage of QR Codes in the hospitality industry is to increase ROI, simplify the daily operations, and deliver excellent client service. Still, many hotels use visitor registration QR codes to facilitate express check-in, eliminating long waiting lines; but there are many other that QR codes can be used in hotels. Therefore, we hope that this post will definitely help you in increasing your knowledge regarding using QR Codes in Hotels for different purposes and tasks.


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