Customer service is a dominant department within every industry. Without the expected levels of pre-and post-sales service, return business will be all but a thing of the past. Recent studies have shown that the modern consumer is more concerned about customer service than price.

In the post-war society of the 1950s and 60s, price outweighed service – but customers did notice if they were treated badly. That has since rippled down the consumer line to where we are today, where social media and the internet have become the perfect place for irate customers to make their voices heard.

Below are five great ways technology has changed the face of the customer service industry – and why your business needs to focus more on service in the future.

  1. Omni-Channel Experience

Customer service has drastically changed in the last ten years, and customer expectations have changed along with it. Customers don’t just want a hotline where they can call to complain – they want to be able to choose how to communicate with a brand.

Most of the younger generation of consumers prefer to text rather than call or email, but at the very least, they will accept an online complaint generation form. By offering your customer base an omnichannel communication service, you will get more compliments too – and not just complaints.

  1. Real-Time Messaging

Many brands have turned to real-time messaging services so their customers can feel heard in the shortest amount of time possible. That will not only clear ticketing systems quicker, but it should also lower the upset customer’s rage levels.

Real-time messaging is a quick and easy way to record a customer complaint, issue a ticket, and provide timely updates or feedback. Bigger companies may struggle to offer this service due to the sheer volume of customers, but it should be easier for smaller brands.

  1. Ticket Tracking Apps

There are multiple ticket tracking apps available on the market today. These vary in size and capability, but they help ensure those customer complaints get resolved quickly and amicably.

Research software options online like ServiceNow Customer Experience for more details on using modern technology to your advantage.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and chatbots are commonplace these days in the world of customer experience. Creating smarter technology that can be intuitive to your customer’s needs will give your business the upper hand in a competitive industry.

What sets so many businesses apart these days, is the level of service they offer their customers.

  1. Self-Service Enhancements

Some customers don’t have the time to talk to your teams during the day, so self-service options should be non-negotiable. Offering your customers a way to solve their problems themselves means that your complaints department will receive fewer tickets.

That means your service teams can focus on the tickets that are trickier to solve. The mundane ones can be solved by the customer on their own – with guidance from your chosen system, of course.