PDFBear: 4 Useful Tools You Can Use During the WFH Setup


Try comparing the life you have today with the life you were living decades ago. Before, there was a lack of transportation systems, buildings, and educational institutions. You probably experienced walking a few kilometers just to attend classes because no school bus could fetch you. But nowadays, you can now see students attending classes and submitting all of their requirements even if they are in the comforts of their own home. Technological advancements and innovations made this possible. 

As a working adult, you are also enjoying the benefits of the presence of the internet, laptops, and smartphones. Without them, you can’t communicate effectively with your bosses and colleagues. Some tools can help you in managing digital files free of charge, such as PDFBear. If you want to know how it can help you have a better remote working experience, then keep on reading.

If you have a text-heavy report that you want to send to your co-worker, then you must first convert it into PDF to avoid the receiver from facing formatting issues. If you don’t know how it works, you can easily search it on Google. The good thing about today’s technology is that everything is one click away. The search engine will provide several applications, software, and online tools that can do the conversion for you. But PDFBear is the best to use as it is an online-based platform determined to provide every user with the best solutions regarding their PDF-related issues.

The website offers a Word to PDF converter tool that you can use anytime and anywhere you are. To start the process, you need to get the Word file you want to convert from your device and upload it on its server. After that, you just have to wait until the tool provides you with the converted PDF document.

  • Compress PDF Tool

The platform is also offering a compress PDF tool which is essential if your device is already running out of space. When you use this tool, it will reduce the file size without altering the content’s readability and quality. Whenever Gmail or other social media platforms prohibit you from sending documents because of their large file sizes, you may use this compress PDF tool. The website will not require you to avail of any of its subscription plans so it is all for free. 

If ever you would want to experience the process of compressing files without facing any advertisements, limitations, and restrictions, then it is advisable to upgrade your account to a pro at an affordable price. Another advantage of using the pro account is that it can reduce the file by up to 75% while the free one can only reduce the document by up to 45%. 

  • Split PDF Tool

Some PDF documents contain unnecessary pages which only make searching for information more difficult. To make things comfortable for you, you must use the website’s Split PDF tool. It will let you choose the pages you want to remove from the PDF in just a few seconds. You no longer have to scroll through a series of empty pages before you can reach the information you are looking for. 

You will not have any problem accessing this tool because it can function well in various operating systems, browsers, and devices. You can compress files regardless if you are using a smartphone, laptop, or desktop. The minimum requirements for it to work are a working browser and a fast internet connection.

  • Excel to PDF Converter

Aside from allowing you to convert Word to PDF, you can also use the website to turn your Excel into PDF. It is an important tool to have especially if you are managing the financial records of the company. Seeing all the data in Excel format is too overwhelming and confusing so there is a need to convert it to PDF. The process will not affect the quality of the output and will not lead to miscalculations. The content of the original file would be the same as the original one. 

You don’t have to feel unsafe when uploading the financial records of the company on the website because it uses a strong security system namely the 256-bit encryption technology. It guarantees you that your uploaded documents would be free from viruses, malware, and potential hackers. It implements the 60-minute rule wherein the server will automatically remove all uploaded and converted files.

In a Nutshell

The functional tools offered by PDFBear are the primary reason why you use them in dealing with your paperless files. It is high time that you access it because you are now becoming completely dependent on technology to accomplish all your workload. To discover the other functions of the website, you may visit PDFBear.com now!


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