How to Play PUBG: New State on PC?

PUBG New State is coming as a most popular futuristic entry game, and this comes as a most popular battle royale series. It will be set in the future year 2051 and will blend all the aspects we know and love from the original PUBG Series. There will also be some new elements that will keep all the players interested as a fan of the series for a long time.

About PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State is a series that comes equal to the original PUBG Series but with some futuristic elements. The game is set in a future world where more technologically advanced vehicles and drones are to be seen, and everything is within a future aspect here. Anyone who is taking a pre-register will take an exclusive vehicle skin that is limited only for the pre-registration period.

In this game, there is a dropping of the newest battleground named TROI. There are futuristic landmarks in it with an interactive environment on it with unique elements. All these things belong to the future, and there will be a landscape that requires more strategies and new thinking ways for the dominating.

Players can see a brand new customization system for the weapons here. This system will allow any player to transform their weapons into many forms. All the weapons in PUBG: New State has so many ways for transforming, and you can choose one for the enhancement. Other than the weapons, there are also some customization kits in the game. They all provide different kinds of enhancements to the players.

All the customization kits have a grenade launcher attachment, a fire selection mode and many more enhancements to improve the gameplay. Other than this all weapon customization system, there can be seen a combat roll, battle shield with futuristic elements, drones and much more features that are yet to be unknown. All the new features are not yet revealed in the game. So there will be much more than these to come with the game’s release.

The final discussion on this brand new game will be its vehicles. We would not expect these vehicles to be the same as the original PUBG series as PUBG: New State has some more future elements added to it as it happens in a future world. Vehicles may have more modernized and improved, which will help you travel through the maps in style. So be ready to expect more than the PUBG original series as the new series is coming with lot more advancements.

How to Play PUBG: New State on PC?

If you ever thought to play PUBG: New State by using a desktop or a laptop, that would be the smartest decision you will take for the game. Not every feature will be so easy and smooth on the game by playing it on mobile, and there are more to experience by using a PC device than a mobile. What makes you play PUBG: New State on a PC are

  • PC has a bigger screen than mobiles, so that you will take a clear vision of the game, and through it, you will gain the real-time experience of the game.
  • PUBG: New State can be identified as a battle royale game. So as the name says itself, it has more combats and actions on it. So successfully achieving these all fighting is not so easy by a mobile. Mobile playing will directly affect the game’s effectiveness as a simple touch screen won’t do much for combat. This can be changed by using a PC, and you then have a keyboard. There is also a mouse to make it easy for your character controls, so a PC will be the ideal option to play PUBG: New State for sure.

Then how to play it through a PC? Here we need an emulator. An emulator is a software that allows the users to run mobile apps on computers, and here it comes as assistance for you to play. Emulators vary in the market, and they come in different forms. Although there are countess emulators you see in the market, we recommend you play PUBG: New State on the emulator called LDPlayer as it gives the best options to advance the game.

How to Play PUBG: New State with LDPlayer?

Simple steps are there to acquire better gameplay with LDPlayer as follows.

  • Download LDPlayer with any form you need and have an installation. No matter what version you use, LDPlayer will work finely on your computer for sure.
  • After the emulator installation, search your game from its LD Store.
  • Find the game and install it via LDPlayer.
  • Then enjoy the most advanced gameplay with LDPlayer.

Why Choose LDPlayer?

  • It is totally free
  • Easy customization options are there to adjust with our device.
  • LPPlayer is a trusted source.
  • The Keyboard Mapping feature of LDPlayer will allow us to create our own key sets than the default key settings. So we won’t get stuck with default key settings and will go smoothly on our combats with our most familiar key controls.
  • If you can’t download PUBG: New State from its store, it’s okay. LDPlayer still has options to drag and drop that APK and enjoy the game.
  • File sharing between android with windows is possible with LDPlayer.

So it is time for PUBG: New State and uses LDPlayer on your PC to obtain real-time gaming with the best game. Use the advanced features and be a champ for the entire PUBG: New State.


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