VR Cities – Top 10 Virtual Reality Cities In The World 2021


Haven’t you remained at home for much of the past year? Now, aren’t you waiting to explore the world? But movement restrictions, shut hotels, and limited flights- the coronavirus pandemic has badly hit the travel industry. The good news is that now with VR technologies, you can ride a car, row a boat, or walk virtually on the lanes of the iconic cities in the world. Below we give a list of top virtual reality cities for an online tour and be inspired to travel to once it is safe.

1. Taipei

Once you visit a place virtually, the next step is to pack backpacks and plan a vacation there. One country which you can travel to soon is Taiwan. It has been successful in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

A VR tour of the National Palace Museum in Taipei is a must. Next is Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the city. Other attractions include Danshui Old Street, Lovers’ bridge, and the restaurants present here. Do have a glimpse of the Longshan Buddhist temple. The Yangmingshan National Park is a must in the virtual itinerary with its lush green hiking trails and steam vents. When you visit the place physically, make sure to have the GoPro mounting Subaru roof rack and keep the hiking kit ready.

2. London

The beautiful and rich history of London keeps pulling tourists from all parts of the world. Given that physically traveling to the city is not possible currently, it is the right time to explore it virtually. The best thing is the multiple sources available for virtual tours in social media with independent bloggers and organization-based VR videos. You can also visit popular tourist spots such as Tower Bridge, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, etc.

3. Paris

If you have London in mind, then Paris cannot be left behind. Thus a virtual tour of the world’s most elegant city is a must. The renowned museums of Paris, such as the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay, and the Centre Pompidou, now offer free virtual visits.

There are guided tours of the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, and the Catacombs. You can also virtually see daily life in Paris and learn about French food and cocktails.

4.  Singapore

The Lion City is one of the most modern and cleanest places in the world. Tall skyscrapers, swanky lush green urban parks, street food, and the best shopping malls, the places to explore are aplenty in Singapore. Art lovers can have a virtual tour of the National Gallery, the Philatelic Museum, and the Esplanade theatres. The city dazzles at night, and you should try watching the light and sound show at the Jewel Changi Airport.

5. Tokyo

Fascinating culture, imperial past, buzzing businesses, and best shopping experiences- Tokyo is captivating indeed. The travel restrictions need not deter your wishes of seeing this beautiful city. You can now embark on a virtual tour of Tokyo while sitting comfortably on your couch. Visit the imperial palace, experience the anime and manga culture, visit the fashion and design centers at Harajuku and Aoyama. Check the Shibuya Scramble Square, and for the latest gadgets and accessories, visit Shinjuku.

6. Barcelona

The Sagrada Familia, the Camp Nou Stadium, and the beautiful Barcelona- Do you wish to see all these in your Spanish sojourn? Why not visit them virtually first? Camp Nou is home to the club FC Barcelona, and on the virtual tour, you can check the FCB Museum. An interesting place is the Park Guell, with quirky buildings, and colorful architecture, and design.

7. Naples

In Naples, you get a chance to go back to the ancient Roman civilization:- a 16th-century stock exchange building, a 12th-century castle near the port, and a glass-roofed gallery in the world built in the 17th-century. Another must-check place is the Garden of remembrance overlooking the Bay of Naples. The history buffs can take a virtual tour of the National Archaeological Museum.

8. New York City

Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Broadway show-: you can visit all the iconic locations of the bustling city virtually. You can opt for a live virtual tour with a local guide or free visits. The lush green Central Park, the towering empire state building, and the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge are some of the must-see spots in New York. People often miss the Grand Central Terminal and the New York Public Library. Those willing to have a detailed look can check the five boroughs of the city separately.

9.  Mexico City

Mexico City is one of the popular choices for tourists from all over the world. Some of the landmarks include La Catedral Metropolitana, the Aztech temple, and Teotihuacán with the Mayan pyramids. The city has many museums, and among them, the National Museum of Anthropology, Casa Azul, and Museo Nacional de Historia are famous and provide virtual tours. The beautiful Palace of Fine Arts captures the Hispanic heritage and culture.

10. Moscow

Undoubtedly, Moscow is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. A virtual tour of Tsaritsyno Palace, Kremlin, Red Square, and the iconic Saint Basil’s Cathedral is similar to watching a fairyland. The museums here have a wealth of treasures, and their online exhibits are educating and entertaining. Another picturesque and stunning landmark is Christ The Saviour Cathedral. In this pandemic time, the Moscow Metro is offering a free online tour of its artistic substations.

Final Thoughts:

In the ongoing health crisis, the tourism industry has suffered a lot. Moreover, many travel-loving people stay put at home. An online tour is a way to quench their wanderlust. It is also beneficial for the travel industry.


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