Keeping fit is a must-do for society because the world is becoming more digital. Due to recent events, some of us no longer leave our households for work. Factories are a thing of the past with few still existing. Not to mention offices becoming more prominent.

One thing we need to make sure we keep on top of is keeping fit and healthy. Your fitness can plummet rapidly if you are doing nothing all day. It is time to invest in some activewear so you can begin your journey of becoming fit. One of the best things about activewear is that it is great for lounging around in as well.


This is one of the best brands within the fashion industry at the moment. Not to mention it is great for those that love to keep fit as well. Nike clothing is great to wear in the gym for multiple reasons. One of them is that it is lightweight clothing at its finest. Not to mention that it is cheap as well. Nike is a prime example of why technology improved the fashion industry which, is what will be talked about next.

Nike introduced the world to their Dri-FIT technology as well. They created it for Golf originally before slowly developing it throughout different sports. Now it is used for a wide variety of clothing that they offer on their website. Running apparel has plenty of Dri-FIT technology which is perfect for harsh weather conditions when exercising. It does not need to be just for poor weather conditions. It can be used in the gym as well to protect you from your sweat when doing a HIIT workout.

Nike has a wide range of clothing for both males and females. Nike provides a great selection of Dri-FIT sports bras as well. These are great for comfort and for keeping everything in place. This is something that you want when you are exercising.

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Adidas is another brand that you would have heard of within the fashion and activewear industry. They are the number one competitor to Nike for both of these as well. Whatever Nike does, Adidas will say they can do it better. Adidas have their equivalent to Nike’s Dri-FIT clothing as well which is called climalite. They also provide a good collection in many sports such as running, football and gym-wear.

Recently, Adidas has released a collection called MYSHELTER. There is a range of designer technical jackets that will keep you dry for when it rains. Another thing to mention about this collection is that they are lightweight. Additionally, they are thin as well which is what makes them perfect for running. Finally, Adidas have a range of mens full tracksuits on their site which is great for both working out and lounging around watching Netflix all day.


Gymshark, which will probably be one of the newest brands on here, is extremely popular within the activewear community. It was founded back in 2013 by a man called Ben Francis and soon became a global brand.

One of the best things about the Gymshark brand is that it is great for loungewear. Do not be surprised if you see it in the streets. The company is now valued at over a billion pounds. This is unbelievable to say it was achieved so quickly. There is a reason why this became so popular so quickly. With it being valued at a fantastic price for the quality of the clothing, it is hard to not buy this great piece of clothing.


LuluLemon will be the most premium brand on this list although the quality fully backs the price. This was one of the brands that thrived through Covid-19. Not only does it look great but, it is also comfy to wear. A lot of Gymwear brands thrive during lockdown because they are lightweight, comfy and they can be stylish. This is exactly why LuluLemon thrived during lockdown.

Lululemon has expanded from the world of activewear even though it is still recognised for its gym wear. They now make their jackets, tailored chines and gilets. If you want to upgrade your activewear, then Lululemon is a great brand to look at next.

Under Armour

This is a brand that is solely designed for exercise and nothing more. Sometimes you will come across the brand on the streets for the jackets that they make. They have a range of clothing for both men and women. This includes t-shirts, shorts, leggings, sports bras and many more.

Under Armour is not far off the prices that Lululemon is. Nonetheless, it is still a great activewear brand that has plenty of thought behind the science of gym clothing. The quality of the clothing and comfort will prove this to you once you try it on.


You can choose any of the brands that have been given to you above. It all depends on the price that you are willing to pay for your clothing. They are all great for quality and comfort. Not to mention some can be worn casually. It is all down to personal preference on style and price.




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