The Hublot Classic Fusion is exactly as it sounds like: an elegant piece combination of the iconic Big Bang and classical watch designs. A distinct look that comes in a vast range of movements, patterns, materials, and colors. While the porthole design from this watch can still be seen, it is unmistakably more modest than other watches from the Swiss manufacturer. You may pick from five different categories on the Hublot Classic Fusion: 3-hands, Chronograph, Moonphase, Orlinski, and Partnerships. Keep on reading! Know all the information that you need to have a grasp of the value and extravagance of this collection. The Classic Fusion collection features opulent and glamorous watch models that are well worth investing in. 

Before Anything Else

The best way to learn about the brand is to start with a brief history. The Classic Fusion is the brand’s most sought-after item, a timepiece with an exquisite design. The collection was introduced on the market in 2008, and it quickly became a watchmaking icon with a sportier, more conventional design. Like the Big Bang three years later, the Classic Fusion takes the Hublot codes and reinvents them. However, the start goes a few years back before this collection even had a name. Carlo Crocco asked Jean-Claude Biver to take over the house’s administration in 2005, and the Big Bang was born at the same time as the Classic was renamed the Hublot Classic Fusion in 2008.  

Jean-Claude Biver will significantly impact the Hublot world, particularly by allowing the house to experiment with different universes. It will offer new avenues for watchmaking, keeping the “Art of Fusion” idea at its center. With the Richard Orlinski Juventus edition, and more recently with the Classic Fusion AeroFusion Chronograph UEFA Champions League, it contributes to the recognition of great works and locations in keeping with the brand’s principles. The original pieces encapsulate the Hublot spirit: boldness, innovation, and beautiful timepieces. Since then, the Classic Fusion has been sweeping the watchmaking world with one incredible innovation after another. To put it another way, it’s a collection of masterpieces. The Classic Fusion watches are designed to be worn by both men and women.

Titanium: Classic Fusion Ferrari GT 

Hublot lovers fell in love with the Classic Fusion Titanium, which was created in vibrant colors. Its satin-like displays, hand-polished metallic markings, and titanium bezel became a hallmark of this Hublot classic over time. The HUB 1143 self-winding chronograph movement with 42 hours of power reserve is visible via the see-through rear case. Watches made of titanium, in particular, are extremely durable. One of the best Classic Fusion watches in titanium is the Ferrari GT luxury watch model. The Swiss watchmaker company entered the Gran Turismo world, drawing influence from the Haute Automobile world. And so began its mutually beneficial cooperation with Ferrari, much to the pleasure of both luxury watches and automobile enthusiasts. The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT is a limited edition of a thousand pieces with a price of $22,000 US Dollars. 

The Classic Fusion Ferrari GT was unveiled at Baselworld 2019 as a brand-new member of the Ferrari watch family. This is the second watch created in direct collaboration with Ferrari’s design department, which is significant because most car/watch collaborations are developed almost exclusively by the watch manufacturer. 

Chronograph: Classic Fusion Unico 

The brand debuted the chronograph in Titanium, Ceramic, and Gold cases, following the success of the Classic Fusion Titanium. Each one highlights the built-in stopwatch. And then there is the Hublot Unico Chronograph, which is a Hublot exclusive chronograph piece. The new Classic Fusion Unico Chronograph times the speed of a lap in seconds and measures several consecutive laps. Thus, which is referred to as a flyback chronograph feature. If you want to go a step further and measure the time of two different events, the Unico Chronograph movement can help you with that as well. Isn’t it perfect? What’s more, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph retains its elegance quotient while housing almost 290 complexities underneath its satin-finished colorful dials. Rubber straps, metallic (gold) straps, alligator straps, and diamond-studded dials are examples of this trend.

The Blue Moon: Aerofusion Moonphase

The model, Classic Aero Fusion, was a huge hit with the public. As a result, Hublot upgraded the Aero Fusion by adding the popular moon cycle complexity, dubbed the Classic Fusion Aerofusion Moonphase. The skeletonized sapphire dial, which is crystal-cased in a 45mm titanium body, has a unique movement by displaying the entire calendar function in all its splendor. Unlike other moon phase watches, Hublot opted to use two topographically full moons revolving every 29.5 days to display the mechanism on the dial. Also, the opening in the lens glass of the watch, covering the lunar complication, draws attention to the movement of both moons. This feature dominates the dial’s appearance. Simply astonishing, isn’t it?

True Essence of Fusion: Chronograph Berluti 

Hublot’s history of channeling high fashion in its design is celebrated in a series developed in cooperation with the French shoemaker. A patented Venetian leather dial engraved with indexes and the Hublot emblem is included in this limited-edition series. The Chronograph Berluti honors the real meaning of the term “fusion” with only four variations. “Give the man the right shoes and watch, and see them conquer the world.” For sure, the company had this in mind when it introduced the enthusiasts at Baselworld 2016 to the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti. If you are in search of a watch that would not just suit your outfit but also go together with your shoes, Berluti is just the perfect one for the job.

In Conclusion

Hublot is well known for its Big Bang watches, which are instantly recognizable. And it’s easy to see why, given that the Big Bang is the creation of Swiss watchmaker Jean-Claude Biver. Furthermore, when it was initially introduced in 2005, the watch is credited with saving the brand from a bleak future. On the other hand, Hublot’s Classic Fusion watches are a captivating combination of sleek sophistication and characteristic creative design for those seeking something a bit more out of the ordinary from the revolutionary Swiss brand. The Classic Fusion was designed with Hublot’s commitment to the “art of fusion” at its core. The Classic Fusion was and continues to be the hottest product on the market. Be sure you get one! You surely won’t regret it. 


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