Top Cable Internet Providers in the US

Network cables connected to patch-panel in data center

The high-speed internet that is delivered through the copper coaxial cables is cable internet. It is widely used all over the globe and cable TV has almost the same infrastructure as it possesses. Internet Service Providers mostly using cable internet also offer cable TV packages. It is much faster than DSL and satellite, however, not as fast as fiber. It is not affected by storms or any outages, unlike the satellite internet. Although for obvious reasons it is still not faster as fiber-optic. Fiber is much faster because it has fiber optic cable that possesses more bandwidth. The Fiber cables have a lesser rate of susceptibility to interference issues. Fiber cables are also less likely to face slowdowns like the cable which is why it is more reliable, connects with securicritic VPN.

How to install cable internet?

You do not need to worry about installation mostly providers offer a self-installation kit. You can do the setup in less than 30 minutes. The provider will guide you about the process you just follow it, and place the modem wherever you like.

Who offers cable internet?

Almost 450 cable internet companies are working in the US recorde in 2020. The provider that has the maximum coverage area is Xfinity available in 40 states providing its services to 111,546,376 people. Cable Internet is so popular in the US and almost has 78 million subscribers.


  • Cable internet provides a wider coverage
  • It is relatively affordable and low cost
  • It has low latency (lag)
  • The bundling options for phones and TV are of low prices


  • For a given area there are fewer providers available
  • Rural availability limitation
  • At peak hours slower speeds

Some of the top cable internet providers are given below:

Xfinity Internet

Xfinity provides you both with fiber and cable internet connections. The speed that Xfinity provides you with is 50 Mbps – 2000 Mbps which includes multiple plans and packages. The monthly cost that Xfinity offers you is $45 and could be more than this. Xfinity has been rated 4.3/5 and ranked as the number 1 Internet Service Provider for the year 2022. Xfinity needs a 12-month contract and uses a data cap on the usage of 1.2 TB no matter which plans you’re using.


  • It is best for the existing customers who can get multiple bundles and discounted packages
  • It is good to use for those companies who require maximum compatibility
  • Customers who have subscribed to their services like cable TV, internet services, and home security can get a single bill


  • Video doorbell still not available
  • Users who subscribe to other services cannot be benefited from Xfinity discounts

Spectrum Internet

Spectrum is one of the best and highly recommended ISP providing you with a hybrid fiber coax connection. It has multiple with varying prices such as $49.99 and up. Spectrum gives you 100 Mbps – 1000 Mbps speed. It has been ranked as the second top cable internet service provider for the year 2022. It is a great ISP in rural areas. And has been given the rating of 3.8/5. Spectrum is contract-free and provides its services in 40 states of the US. 3 spectrum plans are varying in their price range offering you unlimited data. Bundle up with spectrum TV packages to enjoy the plethora box of entertainment effortlessly.


  • No data cap worries
  • It is a traditional best ISP for the users in rural areas who want bundled internet TV service
  • It benefits many people because of its widely available possible coverage


  • Upload speed is lesser
  • Budget-minded users might think about it because not everyone requires fast downloads

RCN Internet

RCN is quite cheap if you are looking for an internet connection providing you with both cable and fiber connection. Although the speed that it offers is 50 Mbps – 940 Mbps. It does offer very reasonable packages and plans starting from $29.99. RCN lies on the fourth of the rating list for the best Internet Service Providers year 2022. It is known for its affordability and it offers five different plans. The best part is it is contract-free and has no data caps. But it is only provided in selected metro areas.


  • It is best for budget-minded users
  • It provides you with the latest technology
  • Customers can use their equipment


  • It has limited coverage
  • It is not for those users who want higher gigabit speeds

Cox Internet

Cox internet offers you fiber and cable connections. The internet speed that it provides you with is 25 Mbps – 940 Mbps. The monthly cost that it requires is $49.99 with amazing deals. Cox also stands on fourth of the rating list for the most affordable Internet Service Providers rating. It has discounted pricing on a 12-month contract and quite reasonable packages. It is available in 19 states of the US and it requires data caps.


  • It provides you with free Wi-Fi hotspots
  • It is best for its fastest and most reliable services
  • Mesh Wi-Fi router is available in its packages


  • It is not for those who are looking for monthly payments
  • Users that don’t need a data cap

Mediacom Internet

Mediacom is just as cheap as RCN Internet and offers you cable connections. The speed range is 60 Mbps – 1000 Mbps. The price is quite economical $29.99 per month. Mediacom has a rating of 3.7/5 and stands on the seventh on the Best Internet Service Providers rating list. It provides its services in 22 states of the US. Its prices vary and have four plans. Data caps are used on 200 GBs – 6000 GBs depending on which type of plan you take.


  • For those who are on a budget
  • It is best for those who want the fast speed internet connection
  • Mesh Wi-Fi for the household


  • It is not for those who don’t want a data cap on the usage
  • Not for those users who want to pay more after the end of the first year
  • Top customer service expectations are not met


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