Up Your Social Media Game with Stunning Photos at Beach Villas in Goa


Are you planning for a marvelous and fun stay at beach villas in Goa with your friends? Then in such a case, it is absolutely important that you must not forget to upload stunning pictures on all your social media.

This is a great way to share your experience with your friends and family. A few years down the line, these pictures will help you reflect on the great trip you were on. You can also create exciting and new memories with your friends.

Here are several tips that will help you click unique pictures for your beach vacation:

● Chose a Focal Point

It is exciting to watch waves crashing on the shore. However, if you are clicking a picture of yourself in front of the beach, remember it is not going to be as mesmerizing. Your picture is not going to have any particular focal point.

Therefore, if you are there in the same picture, make sure that you are the focal point for the camera. This will further help to draw more attention towards you. This is also a great way to keep the snapshots in the beach villas in Goa interesting.

● Make Use of the Golden Hour

There is no better lighting for your pictures than the sun itself. Irrespective of the fact whether you are clicking your pictures indoors or outdoors, make sure that you are making use of the golden hour. The golden hour is the ideal time to click your pictures.

These are the memories that are going to stay with you forever; therefore, make sure that you are gorgeously dressed.

● Use a Tripod

One common rookie mistake that most travelers make is they forget to carry a tripod. Carrying a tripod is quite important to click all those memorable group pictures. Tripods are also a great way to click your candids. A trip is all about filtered and unfiltered memories.

Make sure that you capture both of these events with the help of a tripod.

●Experiment with Photos, Looks, and Backdrops

Your beach vacation is going to be all about you spending some quality time with your friends. Therefore to make more unforgettable memories make sure that you are experimenting with different styles. Make sure that this trip is filled with experiments.

Make sure to work with different backdrops, shutter speeds and light sources. Do not keep your photography styles restrictive. As you explore the location, keep on experimenting with the lens.

Ending Note

Have you planned for the most exciting beach trip with your friends? Then to make this trip more exciting and memorable, make sure that you click plenty of pictures. This is a great way if you are looking to hike the numbers of your social media account.

Have a quick view through the article to learn all the different tips and tricks that will help you to excel in your photography game.